Sunday, 2 March 2014

Week Twelve: Play it again Rodeo

Turns out re-attempting past photo choices, or at least their spirit, is a good way to save brain power in a time when it seems at a premium. Not sure all these got to the heart of what I was doing, but Really learned a lot more this week about light. And that I can do something for twelve weeks straight despite thinking about chucking the whole thing at least once a week.

Day 1 (78): 24th of February
Billy Joel has invaded my brain. Don't know why. Not that it is a terrible thing. I could have Ace of Base again or that Fox song. Though having my brain bashed in by a hundred tiny mallets would be preferable to either of those scenarios. So not the best juxtaposition. Ah well. Jilly Bowl has made some rather good tunes. V life-applicable. What is less life-applicable is this photo of another rose on the same tree I've done before. Not the same rose, mind you. No, that one is long dead and rotting at the base of the tree. This one is v much alive. But check the detail...

This is the same but different. Maybe re-attacking old photo concepts is a way to go.... Albeit a bit boring for you...

Oh and so sorry, but this is a bit, erm, I'm not sure. I looked up and there was this in the olive tree.

Day 2 (79): 25th of February
Read an "inspirational" quote today that said "live your own life instead of watching others live theirs on TV." That makes living a life seem the simplest thing in the world. Mush as I'd love it to be otherwise, Life is far from simple. Living it even less so. One can spend all one's years trying to keep things basic, but Life intervenes. I've always wanted people to be happy; stressed folk just make me crazy. I probably spend too much effort and time concerned with how others react and deal with situations, when I ought be reacting and dealing my own self. On that uplifting fuss, the re-done foto for the day is the old Vesuvius postcard. Better light and background on this one.

And for good measure and because I feel like it. One of these days I'll get out more.

Day 3 (80): 26th of February
Endless draggy crap weather. But makes the sky rather cool. I do realise this sort of shot is getting repetitive, but the clouds are neat and I'm not inclined to go all far afield when work gets rather oppressive and the rain is so boring. But at least I went to a different direction this time... I'll admit this took a bit of tweaking. But Doo doo doo, looking out my front balcony.

Doo doo doo, looking down from said balcony. This is a sort of re-do, but not really. I did this mosaic all close up in the rain, an have photographed but not posted it before. Tried to focus on just the circle bit, but the light was all stormy and bleh. See above photo for proof.

Day 4 (81): 27th of February
Seems I have odd days more often than normal ones. Probably to do with not being normal myself, but regardless of the reason, still the case. Thus the madness below. Mad skies and mad edits. Went way overboard with the saturation and contrast. BLAMO!

In homage to the first photo I did for this blog, here is a slightly different TARDIS photographed with not an iPhone but in the same place.

Day 5 (82): 28th of February
Friday Friday Friday. Not much else to say. I've half a mind to spend the whole w/end on the sofa, as my plans to go for a nice drive up north and photograph things have been thwarted by the skies below, and the friends they are bringing for the next three days. Or so sayeth the weather guessers. I've more than half a mind to believe them this time.

While I still have the ability to be outside without risking death by drowning in my garden...The trials of Clone Trooper MacGee continue. Poor guy keeps running into cross locals.

Day 6 (83): 1st of March
All I can say is, watching the Stewart-Tennant Hamlet on a day when the rain ceaseth not, particularly after listening to a Disney music iTunes Radio station for hours, will muck with one's mental state. Or just make one mental. Truly. The rain went on and on and on and on and on and on. More than the time it took to write on and on and on and on and on and on. Thus the below. A follow-on from the same week that inspired yesterday's Lego photo. This time there is a pack on the run. I think the mammoth is going down. Don't have to be the fastest. Just not the slowest. Bloody Pac-Man.

Day 7 (84): 2nd of March
The sky has been rather biblical of late, thanks to all the, erm, biblical rain. Have tried to capture it, but to no real avail. The dilapidated barn-y thing below just had to be in greyscale. But still didn't get the sky to co-operate.

See? Even ole Vesuvius got a smattering of snow thanks to the endless precip.

Again, the sky's been v biblical (only word I can think of). This is an iPhonto, but still. Really.

Mad mental weather and mad mental people make it v hard to stay non-mad mental. Particularly when one is predisposed. Also makes getting good photos hard. Really ought to use the crazy to fuel better creativity. Have done it before. How else does one graduate?

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