Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week Eleven: Colour Me Crazy

So it is getting late on a Sunday and I've not yet done the things I need to do. And the Italian Internet Gods have had a sense of humour again. They do this. Super fast when I'm farting about doing nothing, but if I want to do homework or this blog or catch up on Call the Midwife or buy passes for Comic-Con, it slows to a crawl that makes a three-toed sloth look like Speedy Gonzales. Did I date myself? Probably. So does THIS WHOLE BLOG. Whew. That's out.

Day 1 (71): 17th of February
Days off are grand. Less so when there is work to do at home, but who cares? It's a day off! That said, I let it get away from me like I was in it to win it. I think the below shots reflect the letting things slide angle. Even Mondays off can have the Mondays. The evening sky was pretty good. Didn't even mess with this one.

This I did mess with. Because it is silly. And a bit creepy. I get to see this demon smile every time I look out into my garden. Thank you, Wall-building Antonio. Thank you for giving me something to haunt my every dream.

Day 2 (72): 18th of February
In celebration of something, my house alarm decided to have a tantrum. The repercussions of this were that when I got home, my key set the alarm off, rather than turning it off. Then it was an all out battle to shut off the brain-melting, conniption-inducing racket. Four hours later, the problem was fixed. Was able to get an answer for the age-old question of, "how many Neapolitans does it take to change a lightbulb?"  The answer is seven. One alarm technician, three brothers, two sons, and one daughter to supervise the male efforts. Oh, and a ladder, much arguing, and many cigarettes. The fellow up the ladder only almost fell off twice. While I waited for that joy to commence, I caught this little dear on the wall of my house. Inn't he the cutest? Cue spider-phobe nightmares. For you. I'm waaaay too cool to be frightened of a little spider.

The sky was rather cool in the evening, too. So there's that. Do love some sky porn. Not v exciting, but ah well. My brain melted out my ears thanks to the alarm, so there.

Day 3 (73): 19th of February
The quality of the below is entirely dependent on how close one looks. These rather long days at work make the taking of decent photos rather more difficult. Not just because of the late hour I get to leave, but also because my Brain works rather less well after all this. And the equation of computers + Italian internet equals my desires to attend Nerdvana stymied for now. Piss on it. One more shot. Other kinds of shots are below. First, the garage when I leave at night. Looks slightly creepy, no?

How's about I make it blackandwhite!!.... duh duh duh..... Find your car, now, smartarse... IF YOU DARE...

And because I've completely lost my mind... a candle on the kitchen counter.

Day 4 (74): 20th of February
Not sure what even to say here. This may be another of those "skip on to the next day" days. I had massive homeworks to do and this was the best my brain could fathom during a period of mental rest and let's face it. It's not great. Call it "Nerd Things"

"Nerd Tools" because I had schoolbooks and a new comic and shoes.

Day 5 (75): 21st of February
This was a gargantuan effort. My earlier back spasm left me in a state best left undescribed. Once I was vaguely able to be upright, I went for the simple. A session with my guitar, which in this instance was better for my neighbours, as it involved only taking photos, rather than my playing. This first one I got more or less right and didn't even need to edit it.

This one took an edit or two, but meh. My Kingman (her name's Felix) looks good in grey.

Day 6 (76): 22nd of February
Not going to lie. Much of this day was spent horizontal, and not for the fun reason. Damn this body for not bouncing like it used to. Still stiff and sore as something incredibly stiff and sore. They told me this would happen. But the magic of the drinking bird made me feel better. OK. Not really. But he is fun. Even when not drinking anything.

Day 7 (77): 23rd of February
Weird day. Weird weather. But got out for a bit and found a neat spot in what we call "toxic farmland" where there were cool trees and the clouds were all cloudy. I cropped out the bit that looked a bit funky - thus the odd shaped photo. But not much of an edit. Should have taken the tripod and filters, but them's the breaks.

And the 'zact same thing, but looking all crazy. Thank you gratuitous Lomo filter.

Piss poor bodies that fail and Internets that fail and Thirty-year-olds that fail notwithstanding, we carry on. Keeping calm ideal, but not entirely necessary. Just don't make too much a fuss, ok?

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