Monday, 28 April 2014

Week Twenty: Last Train to Napoli

Busy week. I guess. Still waiting on my muse to come (back). Maybe it is in America. The advance party, if you will. Or if you won't. Either way, things got a bit all over the place. See for yourself.

Day 1 (134): 21st of April
Are unannounced fits of nostalgia part of being thirty? I don't remember that from the user's manual. Come to think of it, I don't remember a user's manual at all. Someone should really look into that. An "Idiot's guide to your thirties" of sorts. Heard a song today that made me think of high school, then got home and Netflix suggested A Life Less Ordinary. That led me to think about the soundtrack from that marvellous film and how it solidified my love for Danny Boyle (and everything else about the film). Had forgotten that therein were featured a super young Chris Gorham and similarly young Timothy Olyphant. Yes, it came out in 1997. That was 17 years ago. Moving on. This is a new angle on Vesuvio. And in BW.
This cloud got offensively pink. As you can tell, I have a thing against pink.
Day 2 (135): 22nd of April
Must be all the 80s music I've been listening to of late, but I cannot stop being all nostalgic. Not in a "gosh I wish I were still a teenager" way (perish the thought), but more in a "must fill brain with things from the past" way. Music, films, books, etc. Things really do seem so much better from a distance in the future. Granted, things from then seemed great at the time as well, but the difference from things nowadays makes the greatness more pronounced. This is not an example of great, but is still a neat little (v Naples) shot. 

That silly flower from last week comes from a plant that closes up in the dark/cold (not sure which) and opens up other times. This is it all closed.

Day 3 (136): 23rd of April 
Ah life is grand, no? Other things that are grand are e-stim machines and Tang. Really. Tang. Doesn't taste quite like I remember it, but that could be due to a) Naples water has a unique taste profile; b) my tastes have matured; c) they've changed the recipe; d) I remember it wrong or just e) I'm making it wrong. Whatever the reason, it is still Tang. All nuclear unnatural orange colour and non-orange taste. My inner child wants to eat Haribos or Dunkaroos with the Tang, and my inner adult wants to add rum, or perhaps vodka. And no, I've not yet done so. This is just a rather rambly Wednesday. Thus the rambly shot. 

Day 4 (137): 24th of April 
Another random Thursday. Trying to get things sorted at work so they don't fall too much to crap whilst I am gone. I'm sure they'll be fine. Thursdays really are boring. Here's a flower that is not closed anymore. 
And here is another little tag from my local artiste. Love is in the air indeed.

Day 5 (138): 25th of April 
Apparently I went a bit mad with the camera today. After PT took a bunch of photos for hours. Makes the task of choosing one or two or even three bloody impossible. But I did it anyway. Because that is what I do. I had company again. But really, it was all part of Operation Shedsalot, wherein the mission statement includes transference of as much hair as possible from cat to sweats. 
Here is orange flower. All open and cool. Came out just right. 
And I dunno. Fence. I guess. And sunset. 

Day 6 (139): 26th of April
Travel day. Early start. Much flying. Thank goodness God invented upgrades. And Club Lounges. But didn't feel like pulling out the fancy camera, so my sleep deprived brain gives you these iPhontos. It also gave me the old classic "One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater." I don't even know. Naples from the air. 
Another neat plane window shot.

And another (this one I really like).

Last one (I promise).

Day 7 (140): 27th of April  
There is both a comfort and a sadness in inevitability. Despite my innate stubbornness and general contrary nature, I have a soft spot for those things that happen no matter what. Things like coming all the way back the the States and finding oneself sucked into a Friends marathon on a Sunday morning when there are other things to be done. But it was on real TV. Like a television set. On an actual channel. There were commercials and everything and I had a cup of tea in bed. I can pretend to be all posh and worldly, but when it comes down to it, I am happy with truly stupid things that I cannot stop myself from enjoying. Any why should I stop myself? I love what I love, and it doesn't have to be fancy. Do you know what else is inevitable? Betrayal.
That, and obligatory photos of airplanes. But that is not what this is. I will be here for three weeks, and I've got to save some material for later. So this is a towel rack in the toilet in my Q room. The light was oddly great (I noted as I was sitting in the one seat in the room). 
Successfully in AmericaLand. Where the trucks are bigger and the cars are stupider. And don't I love it. Not Virginia Beach, specifically. This particular place I can live without. But AmericaLand in general is quite a lovely place. When it wants to be.