Sunday, 6 April 2014

Week Seventeen: Devil's in [on] it

The details, that is. I've long been fascinated by the whole forest and trees analogy, whether directed at one who misses the former or the latter in favour of the other. As fits with my personality, I vary in terms of where my focus lies. Sometimes I am all about trees, and other times would much rather the forest, thank you. This week was all about the trees. Some of those are slightly sad trees - erm - details, and some are just interesting.

Day 1 (113): 31st of March
Odd Symmetry, though not so fearful, dear Tiger. Last Monday was a horrid traffic day which lengthened my commute rather more than is acceptable. Today did the same fool thing. Problem with Naples drivers and narrow two lane shoulderless motorways is that they do not mix, and the inevitable result is chaos. The desperate need to get just one car ahead (whether or not it helps) leads to every situation becoming far worse than is necessary. Took advantage of the rather lengthy pauses to get a couple little photos, though. Like this little thistle by the guardrail. 

And then later a tree that has gone all green in bits (not those bits). Spring be upon us.

Day 2 (114): 1st of April
April Fool's Day. A.K.A. My Favourite Holiday. Sadly, this year I didn't even notice the end of the month approaching, and as such did not plan anything good. And if it's not planned well, it's not really worth it. Though we did put Rick Astley on the door sound system on a loop all day, so I can be satisfied that we song-bombed all passersby with a little Rick Roll. The reactions were pretty good, though no one did the Astley White Boy Dance in the hall, which would have been best. OK, I may have done it once or twice, but if one cannot enjoy one's own evil deeds, what then? For today, I kept things simple again. No horrid traffic situation this time, but I decided to stop on the side of the road to snap the following. Had to be hasty, as was in the left lane, and despite my illuminated four-ways the locals came roaring up behind me before going round. Just to prove a point, I imagine. Any rate, here is the result. 

And this shadow had me intrigued, so here it is.

Day 3 (115): 2nd of April
My brain is full of music. Yesterday my internal DJ mixed Astley with MJ's "Beat It" and it was strangely brilliant. Today I've had a Bee Gees / Spin Doctors thing happening and it is slightly less brilliant. Song-bombing all passersby is a true passion of mine, but it can have inadvertent side effects. Nevertheless, the detail-focused shots for this week continue, so I took advantage of the later time of sunset to spend time in the out of doors. Lots of looking down this week, so this is what I saw.

And more looking down got this. The light was not quite right, but it is tiny and bright and makes me think of spring.

Day 4 (116): 3rd of April
Today's photos came out of a trip to the other base, where I had to go for to see the Man With the Power. Not of Hoodoo, but rather of therapy (physical). I'd recently seen an Instagram feed where a gal divides the photo in half diagonally and makes use of natural angles. In light of my attention to the details this week, I thought I'd have a go at the same sort of concept. Not sure it really worked, but it is food for photographic thought. Wouldn't be Naples without a fag-end in the grass.

Again, not quite nailing it but there you are.

Day 5 (117): 4th of April
Ten years ago today the date was 04-04-04, in Europe and the U.S. Not sure why that matters (if at all), but seems a neat way to start the day. In April of 2004, I was finishing my second year of University. I'd not yet joined the Navy, but knew that would be my path. Funny old world, isn't it? Had I been able to see then that a decade later I'd be where I am now, would I have changed course? Not really a worthwhile thought experiment, but I sometimes think back like that. It comes with the introvert package. Speaking of connections, here is a chain. Good strong links. 

Day 6 (118): 5th of April
Bummer of a day. Three of the kittens have died in the last twelve hours. No idea why. They were fine yesterday, and then one by one, they stopped nursing and faded fast. Had to look it up, as was feeling like the world's biggest failure, and apparently it is not uncommon for kittens to "fade" in the first week, for a multitude of reasons. That said, I still feel like I've let G.G. down. She's been so trusting, and I cannot help thinking I missed something or failed to do something. The details, in this case, may have been the most important things. On that note, the below sign (though intended for the Americans stationed here) should really feature on most Neapolitan roads. And in this case, the lack of punctuation usage in road signs makes it all the more accurate. We shall name this "Caution Road." 

Day 7 (119): 6th of April
Little Bit is still going strong. She's lost her brother and two sisters, but she seems to be doing well, eyes opening and everything. I've been back and forth on calling her Christina Aguilera and Tiger, as she is a fighter and a survivor. Started with Agatha Christie, but then remembered that the book is And Then There Were None, not And Then There Was One, and I want Kharma on the side of this little dear.      

No worries, though, because Mama's still here. Mamas are always there. That is what makes them so great.

Yes, sad news to close the week. Put me in a foul disposition, and taking care of three dead kittens ruined my w/end. But on the bright side, little Christina Aguilera Tiger - holy crap, just saw what that spells - is on a good path for now. Keep fingers crossed for her. 

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