Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week Sixteen: Everything in its Places

Not sure what prompted this week's theme. Maybe was feeling a bit in need of structure or some kind of place. I'll leave it to the shrinks to decipher my reasons. Either way, I wanted to go with things in lines, rows, etc. Things in the correct place, in other words. How it got interpreted each time is a bit different, but there you have it.

Day 1 (106): 24th of March
Not to be stymied by time passing, the weather went pear shaped again (still?). Figures I've not had my scarf or gloves lately. Ah well. Got stuck in delightful Naples traffic caused by a nasty pileup after the good rain. Got to the point that I put on the brakes and read a chapter in my book, then played a few dozen games of solitaire on my phone. Also got a couple nice pics of rainy windows and the lovely traffic (all lined up).

A little further down the road... same situation. Damn you, Scooter Man, and damn your freedom of movement.

Day 2 (107): 25th of March
At the end of the day we got into a Weird Al marathon for office music. It was marvellous. Had fond memories of singing "The Saga Begins" with friends in school, which then led to memories of singing "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys (also in school). Ahh. The misspent youth. Any rate. For the record, these lights never light up or mean anything. It's a nice idea, though.

Still v dreary soggy day, so the alley to my home looked extra dreary. B&W just kicked it over the edge.I also liked the division diagonally across the photo.

Day 3 (108): 26th of March
In the past two days, I've managed to miss being in horrible road accidents by a matter of minutes. One of those odd feelings that small alterations in a person's schedule can have a considerable impact on the rest of said person's life. It's a situation that strangely makes my stumbled upon theme of things in rows / queues / lines feel more fitting. To avoid getting too deeply embedded in that thought bog, here is a soggy field.

Day 4 (109): 27th of March
Put my glad rags on this morning in order to present an award to one of my guys. Haven't had to put them on in more than a year, and considering the fact that my backside hasn't seen a proper workout since the accident, the fact that the monkey suit (not literally a monkey suit) still fit was glorious. All was for naught, though, since my higher up boss decided to swoop in on wings of RHIP and do the honours whilst I stood to the side like the proverbial lummox. God I love my job. Every day really is good for at least one laugh. The VTC later was even better, as the folks at the other end kept mixing popular culture metaphors with rural ones. They were determining if these were the 'droids they were looking for whilst avoiding soul-sucking Deatheaters, and then tilling the same ground, stampeding herds, and breaking trail (etc etc). It was like a blackout game of Buzzword Bingo. I kept expecting someone to schedule the next shootout at the OK Corral or summon a posse.

This shot looked so cool when I made it sepia that I have to throw it in.

Also got an odd shot of this bit of wall, which I love, and debated the going of the B&W, but really I think it works.

Day 5 (110): 28th of March
Today there is a memorial for a base Chaplain who died over the w/end. Does it make me a terribly awful person to plan on leaving early because so many people are going to the service (and as such are themselves leaving early)? I did not actually know the guy, so I'd feel odd going to the service. In the end, forty minutes early was the answer, so good (inadvertent) compromise. Going heavy on the B&W this week. Not by design, but because the shots just seem to work (I think). I really liked the shadows on these steps.

And this shot has nothing to do with things in rows / lines, but holy brilliant sunset and silhouette (though in the upload I've lost the effect... see it here on Flikr).

Day 6 (111): 29th of March
Damn. Damn, damn, damn. The number of cats at present in my care is too damn high. G.G. finally popped. At 2200 or thereabouts. Last night. I had foolish aspirations of getting to bed at a  reasonable hour, and as such went out to check the cats and turn out the porch light. Saw what looked like a cat in labour, and sure enough there was soon a small mewly thing in the bed with her. Entranced, I sat by her side and kept her soothed (as I imagine anyone going through that sort of business would want) until number two came about forty minutes later. All v educational, indeed. Couldn't stay up for the rest, as it got to be 0100 and my back was killing me from sitting on the ground in my Jedi dressing gown (yes I have a Jedi dressing gown - it has a hood and is super comfy). Come morning, there was just this. A row of four and a content yet tired mama (honestly with the face).

So as to not just have the day be about cats, here is a neat little domestic shot in the really great morning light (at least I think it is, and that is the point, right?).

Day 7 (112): 30th of March
Spent the afternoon at work, doing my final exam for my class. Damn Daylight Saving. Took away a good hour I had planned for doing nothing before starting schoolwork. Boo. OOh. Add letters and get Booze. See below. No, I did not have any of this for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. It just looked cool.

To close, I am at present in my office, and it is nearly 1900. And it is a Sunday. Thank you, homework Gods. Thanks very much. It is a lovely way to spend a Sunday. But I had to get out and away from distractions (including those with four legs and an unhealthy level of cute).

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