Sunday, 23 March 2014

Week Fifteen: Speak For Yourself

Another week of target of opportunity photography. Next week will ideally get back to some sort of theme. If only because things feel a bit disjointed and I may not be learning as much. Much plants this week. But as is Spring (as of mid-week) that is totally acceptable. Also kept the edits pretty simple, so hopefully the photos speak on their own (if at all). 

Day 1 (99): 17th of March
Got word first thing that we were in fact NOT staying on the fool ship. I say first thing. Really I mean halfway through the morning of sitting on our thumbs (not literally) waiting to find out one way or the other.  Got my paper done willy nilly by the end of the day. But wasted a perfectly good St. Patrick's Day. Poo. In other news, takes a heavy rope to hold a heavy ship.

Here is said ship. She's not bad to look at. And normally Gaeta is lovely, but the weather has been all hazy.

This made me giggle. Must mean smoking alone is OK, as is lighting flames. Just don't do them simultaneously or disaster will surely result.

Day 2 (100): 18th of March
Not much to say about today. Jokes about missing the boat aside, was a normal, mental, maddening sort of day. Getting pulled in two directions by higher levels of command, along with the internal churnfest makes for a joyous day. I love my masters. They are good to me. Thus some soothing tree branches in the evening light. To quell any rebellious feelings. 

And a team-spirity gnome, who has high hopes for the upcoming Giants season...did this one in B&W as well, but seemed too bleak.

Day 3 (101): 19th of March
One of those "six tries to leave the house" mornings, and still managed to leave important things at home. No matter, though. Wednesdays are like that. So are many other days, if I'm honest. This was a bad day for a VTC (in which I was all alone and it was cold and the speakers dreadfully boring). Nearly fell asleep several times, and forgot to bring in more than one lolly, so was left chewing the Tootsie Pop stick into that pulpy mess until I gave in and chucked it (into the proper no heathen). Not a great pic choice today. But textury, palm tree-y.

The weather has really been a bit overdoing the pollution and haze of late, which is inconvenient for a person trying to get better at photography.

Day 4 (102): 20th of March
I've said it before, and am liable to say it again. Thursdays are rubbish. Not quite  the w/end, but not really mid-week any longer. Just crap. No one here to do Thirsty Thursday with, either, because everyone lives all separate and driving here is dodgy enough whilst sober as a nun. Would be a cheap date these days anyhow as am v sleep during the day. Damn the insomnia and the second dreadful borefest VTC (why is that room so cold?). Ah well. Here is a rose (no, not the same one you've seen seventeen times already).

Day 5 (103): 21st of March
Called home yesterday for the first time since Christmas. Really am a shoe-in for top honour at the Worst Daughter of the Year awards. Not even a good excuse for it. "Got busy" (not like that), and "time got away from me" (yes like that) are sad and lame reasons. Also, today is my horse's 21st birthday. We met when he was barely 2, fell in love, and he's been the best thing in my life ever since. Even though (as part of my WDOTY package) he's been cared for by my long-suffering parents for many years now, I truly don't know what I'd do without him in my universe. Nonhorse People won't get it, but the attachment one can have with a horse is really truly cosmic and feels a bit molecular sometimes. On that note, here's a photo of some grape blossoms.

Here's another.

Day 6 (104): 22nd of March
Party time. Much to do, including v important cheese purchases. And my car decided to not function on a door-locking level. That's a new one. And BMW has a nice feature to stop idiots locking keys in cars, so one cannot push down the nob whilst the door is open. Splendid. Car looks local enough there is likely little incentive to burgle it. For today's trick, a funny faced lamp, which looks stranger still when one takes almost all colour out, but stops just before hitting true greyscale. 

And some v springy flowery blossomy things on the trees. Lots of pink. 

Finally, the view from the terrace where previously mentioned party was being held. You should have seen me slice and dice and lay out finger foods. Even I was impressed with my putting things in places skills.

Day 7 (105): 23rd of March    
Crap rainy day. A reminder that am still in Naples, and we haven't passed the wet yet. Add a wee bit of a hangover to happy back pain from overdoing things yesterday... that is my excuse for the bad photos. Didn't even really do things in post. Hooray lazy and not being as young and spry as I used to be. This is my hammock in mid-windy spin. Poor thing. 

And this is the horizon. Kinda lovely, but also kinda blech.

Lesson of the week: three hours of sleep after a night of party time is easy when one is 22. At 30, it doesn't feel so good. Captain Obvious, signing off. 

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