Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week Thirteen: Orange You Glad

This week started off relatively normal, then disintegrated into a pile of puns around day three. Lettuce be real here in ad-dressing the subject. I blame Bustin Jieber. Someone loves him too much. But the punnery came later. It all stemmed from a mad conversation with - well I'll not say who - about an Italian in his truck being the torque of the town. My mind has always been a punning creature, and punderneath it all I just want to be a-pun to new things.

Day 1 (85): 3rd of March
So Monday. Yep. And lo, what should I find on the wall by my house as I returned home? Alas. Someone loves JB. Kill me now. And what loopy swoopy penmanship. I hope it is a girl's. Trust that the paint is green. I wanted the ominous effect that the script gave me.

This is better. Sort of. The graffiti messed with my brain. This tree has an alien-y face. Goggly eyes and a crooked mouth.

Day 2 (86): 4th of March
Is it Thursday yet? I get to take leave on Friday and Monday. And just everybody wants things from me this week. Of course this week. Another where I've less other stuff piled up would be far too convenient. And for the love of Mike. More love for JB. I do not Beliebe it. Who would? Pardon the shadow. Cannot help the time of day I've available for taking pics. And see about the green?

Ah. Ok. Not Biebffiti. Rather rustic. But then, most things around here are just that.

Day 3 (87): 5th of March
Saw a cloud that looked like Meatloaf's profile. Looked like he was crying to heaven, and I raced like a bat out of hell to get somewhere I could photograph it, but sadly I was left in the dark. Just picture me zooming down the street, focused on my destination, but I was exposed as a failure. Things developed poorly from there and my patience almost snapped when I saw another bit of JB love graffiti. What you cannot see is that the 'M' is followed by 'anuel' and I can only hope it is Elena's last name. I wonder at her purpose. That wretched human person will never set foot in this corner of Licola, Italy. God Willing....

The only reason this exists is that I like the texture on this wall and needed something to balance what I markedly hope is the last of the green menace.

Day 4 (88): 6th of March
Today I passed someone on the stairs and my response to this person's "How are you?" was more or less (and I'm paraphrasing here) "I blar mag signe gagdf mar tan you?" There was no call for such disphasia. I suppose it is easy to trip on one's tongue when one's feet are perpetually in one's mouth. Photos don't require talking, though, so there's a step in the right direction. Awww. Puppy. No edits required.

Day 5 (89): 7th of March
This day really took off from the start. I'll speak plane-ly, as that is what you deserve. Early early flight out and no yoke, got to Newcastle by lunch. Chap at customs v suspicious that I would just come to his fare city without some altimeter motive in mind. Whatever. Lovely place, Newcastle. Been a while since I heard the old Geordie in such vast quantity, but my ability to translate came back quickly enough. Bit chilly though, so my jaunt out into the night to take piccies was cut short by my being a wimp. But a couple came out alright before I gave it up and went to the pub. Gateshead Clock Church Thing.

Not sure what I was going for here, but I were on a bridge and there were lights and the bridge were cool.

Day 6 (90): 8th of March
Throughout the day I really came up so many puns about nerd conventions that I cannot put any of them down to e-paper. Nope. Not even THAT one. But I will say that it was nice to be able to say "my name is Rhiannon" and not get a single "Breanna?" or "Rihanna?" or "Random?" Though everyone just assumed I was Welsh. Hmmm. On my v slow jaunt back - slow due to hangover from ill-timed back spasm - I got some really neat shots. One of this bridge underbelly (there are many bridges crossing the Tyne). (It's the river, FYI). (That cuts through Newcastle). (That is all).

This I really like. And it came out right in one go. So there.

Also this. Again there are bridges. They are bridgey. And a river. It is wet.

Day 7 (91): 9th of March
So yesterday I met cool new people I'd always wanted to meet, and half the time was all splendid and grownup and coherent. The other half... well suffice it to say the tongue trippery from the other day came back a couple of times and had me responding to a simple "How are you?" with "yeah, with... hem... things blan...haha" So similar gobbledygook but this time almost proper words. I have problems. But I'll blame one on the fact that I was distracted by the warning jolt of nice back spasm mentioned before. Today was far better. All words in English and in discernible sentences. Had the nicest conversations with a couple of really neat people, and got shamelessly flirted with by older men and nerdy dudes (and one quite startlingly pretty girl dressed in a roller derby getup). Social awkwardness is fun. So is this photo. So are puns. But I've had enough of that nonsense.

This is v ominous. I love it.

Odd thought. I really want to do something substantial. Maybe leave something out in the world that impacted someone(s) somewhere(s). Will this blerg do the trick? Doubtful. But it is all I have for now. Calm down. Not being too serious, here. And not morbid or mortal. Just thoughts. Written down. As I said before, am o-pen to new things. That includes the odd thought that tickles about in the old grey matter. Put down the red flags. See what I did there? Those weren't even good puns. Pathetic. 

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