Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week Sixteen: Everything in its Places

Not sure what prompted this week's theme. Maybe was feeling a bit in need of structure or some kind of place. I'll leave it to the shrinks to decipher my reasons. Either way, I wanted to go with things in lines, rows, etc. Things in the correct place, in other words. How it got interpreted each time is a bit different, but there you have it.

Day 1 (106): 24th of March
Not to be stymied by time passing, the weather went pear shaped again (still?). Figures I've not had my scarf or gloves lately. Ah well. Got stuck in delightful Naples traffic caused by a nasty pileup after the good rain. Got to the point that I put on the brakes and read a chapter in my book, then played a few dozen games of solitaire on my phone. Also got a couple nice pics of rainy windows and the lovely traffic (all lined up).

A little further down the road... same situation. Damn you, Scooter Man, and damn your freedom of movement.

Day 2 (107): 25th of March
At the end of the day we got into a Weird Al marathon for office music. It was marvellous. Had fond memories of singing "The Saga Begins" with friends in school, which then led to memories of singing "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys (also in school). Ahh. The misspent youth. Any rate. For the record, these lights never light up or mean anything. It's a nice idea, though.

Still v dreary soggy day, so the alley to my home looked extra dreary. B&W just kicked it over the edge.I also liked the division diagonally across the photo.

Day 3 (108): 26th of March
In the past two days, I've managed to miss being in horrible road accidents by a matter of minutes. One of those odd feelings that small alterations in a person's schedule can have a considerable impact on the rest of said person's life. It's a situation that strangely makes my stumbled upon theme of things in rows / queues / lines feel more fitting. To avoid getting too deeply embedded in that thought bog, here is a soggy field.

Day 4 (109): 27th of March
Put my glad rags on this morning in order to present an award to one of my guys. Haven't had to put them on in more than a year, and considering the fact that my backside hasn't seen a proper workout since the accident, the fact that the monkey suit (not literally a monkey suit) still fit was glorious. All was for naught, though, since my higher up boss decided to swoop in on wings of RHIP and do the honours whilst I stood to the side like the proverbial lummox. God I love my job. Every day really is good for at least one laugh. The VTC later was even better, as the folks at the other end kept mixing popular culture metaphors with rural ones. They were determining if these were the 'droids they were looking for whilst avoiding soul-sucking Deatheaters, and then tilling the same ground, stampeding herds, and breaking trail (etc etc). It was like a blackout game of Buzzword Bingo. I kept expecting someone to schedule the next shootout at the OK Corral or summon a posse.

This shot looked so cool when I made it sepia that I have to throw it in.

Also got an odd shot of this bit of wall, which I love, and debated the going of the B&W, but really I think it works.

Day 5 (110): 28th of March
Today there is a memorial for a base Chaplain who died over the w/end. Does it make me a terribly awful person to plan on leaving early because so many people are going to the service (and as such are themselves leaving early)? I did not actually know the guy, so I'd feel odd going to the service. In the end, forty minutes early was the answer, so good (inadvertent) compromise. Going heavy on the B&W this week. Not by design, but because the shots just seem to work (I think). I really liked the shadows on these steps.

And this shot has nothing to do with things in rows / lines, but holy brilliant sunset and silhouette (though in the upload I've lost the effect... see it here on Flikr).

Day 6 (111): 29th of March
Damn. Damn, damn, damn. The number of cats at present in my care is too damn high. G.G. finally popped. At 2200 or thereabouts. Last night. I had foolish aspirations of getting to bed at a  reasonable hour, and as such went out to check the cats and turn out the porch light. Saw what looked like a cat in labour, and sure enough there was soon a small mewly thing in the bed with her. Entranced, I sat by her side and kept her soothed (as I imagine anyone going through that sort of business would want) until number two came about forty minutes later. All v educational, indeed. Couldn't stay up for the rest, as it got to be 0100 and my back was killing me from sitting on the ground in my Jedi dressing gown (yes I have a Jedi dressing gown - it has a hood and is super comfy). Come morning, there was just this. A row of four and a content yet tired mama (honestly with the face).

So as to not just have the day be about cats, here is a neat little domestic shot in the really great morning light (at least I think it is, and that is the point, right?).

Day 7 (112): 30th of March
Spent the afternoon at work, doing my final exam for my class. Damn Daylight Saving. Took away a good hour I had planned for doing nothing before starting schoolwork. Boo. OOh. Add letters and get Booze. See below. No, I did not have any of this for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. It just looked cool.

To close, I am at present in my office, and it is nearly 1900. And it is a Sunday. Thank you, homework Gods. Thanks very much. It is a lovely way to spend a Sunday. But I had to get out and away from distractions (including those with four legs and an unhealthy level of cute).

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Week Fifteen: Speak For Yourself

Another week of target of opportunity photography. Next week will ideally get back to some sort of theme. If only because things feel a bit disjointed and I may not be learning as much. Much plants this week. But as is Spring (as of mid-week) that is totally acceptable. Also kept the edits pretty simple, so hopefully the photos speak on their own (if at all). 

Day 1 (99): 17th of March
Got word first thing that we were in fact NOT staying on the fool ship. I say first thing. Really I mean halfway through the morning of sitting on our thumbs (not literally) waiting to find out one way or the other.  Got my paper done willy nilly by the end of the day. But wasted a perfectly good St. Patrick's Day. Poo. In other news, takes a heavy rope to hold a heavy ship.

Here is said ship. She's not bad to look at. And normally Gaeta is lovely, but the weather has been all hazy.

This made me giggle. Must mean smoking alone is OK, as is lighting flames. Just don't do them simultaneously or disaster will surely result.

Day 2 (100): 18th of March
Not much to say about today. Jokes about missing the boat aside, was a normal, mental, maddening sort of day. Getting pulled in two directions by higher levels of command, along with the internal churnfest makes for a joyous day. I love my masters. They are good to me. Thus some soothing tree branches in the evening light. To quell any rebellious feelings. 

And a team-spirity gnome, who has high hopes for the upcoming Giants season...did this one in B&W as well, but seemed too bleak.

Day 3 (101): 19th of March
One of those "six tries to leave the house" mornings, and still managed to leave important things at home. No matter, though. Wednesdays are like that. So are many other days, if I'm honest. This was a bad day for a VTC (in which I was all alone and it was cold and the speakers dreadfully boring). Nearly fell asleep several times, and forgot to bring in more than one lolly, so was left chewing the Tootsie Pop stick into that pulpy mess until I gave in and chucked it (into the proper no heathen). Not a great pic choice today. But textury, palm tree-y.

The weather has really been a bit overdoing the pollution and haze of late, which is inconvenient for a person trying to get better at photography.

Day 4 (102): 20th of March
I've said it before, and am liable to say it again. Thursdays are rubbish. Not quite  the w/end, but not really mid-week any longer. Just crap. No one here to do Thirsty Thursday with, either, because everyone lives all separate and driving here is dodgy enough whilst sober as a nun. Would be a cheap date these days anyhow as am v sleep during the day. Damn the insomnia and the second dreadful borefest VTC (why is that room so cold?). Ah well. Here is a rose (no, not the same one you've seen seventeen times already).

Day 5 (103): 21st of March
Called home yesterday for the first time since Christmas. Really am a shoe-in for top honour at the Worst Daughter of the Year awards. Not even a good excuse for it. "Got busy" (not like that), and "time got away from me" (yes like that) are sad and lame reasons. Also, today is my horse's 21st birthday. We met when he was barely 2, fell in love, and he's been the best thing in my life ever since. Even though (as part of my WDOTY package) he's been cared for by my long-suffering parents for many years now, I truly don't know what I'd do without him in my universe. Nonhorse People won't get it, but the attachment one can have with a horse is really truly cosmic and feels a bit molecular sometimes. On that note, here's a photo of some grape blossoms.

Here's another.

Day 6 (104): 22nd of March
Party time. Much to do, including v important cheese purchases. And my car decided to not function on a door-locking level. That's a new one. And BMW has a nice feature to stop idiots locking keys in cars, so one cannot push down the nob whilst the door is open. Splendid. Car looks local enough there is likely little incentive to burgle it. For today's trick, a funny faced lamp, which looks stranger still when one takes almost all colour out, but stops just before hitting true greyscale. 

And some v springy flowery blossomy things on the trees. Lots of pink. 

Finally, the view from the terrace where previously mentioned party was being held. You should have seen me slice and dice and lay out finger foods. Even I was impressed with my putting things in places skills.

Day 7 (105): 23rd of March    
Crap rainy day. A reminder that am still in Naples, and we haven't passed the wet yet. Add a wee bit of a hangover to happy back pain from overdoing things yesterday... that is my excuse for the bad photos. Didn't even really do things in post. Hooray lazy and not being as young and spry as I used to be. This is my hammock in mid-windy spin. Poor thing. 

And this is the horizon. Kinda lovely, but also kinda blech.

Lesson of the week: three hours of sleep after a night of party time is easy when one is 22. At 30, it doesn't feel so good. Captain Obvious, signing off. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week Fourteen: Moon River

Drinking tea out of my Unicorn mug as I write this on a Saturday, as Sunday will be a bit of a whirlwind in the morning to get things done. Life is pretty OK when one drinks one's tea out of a Unicorn mug. And there's been a waxing moon this week, which makes things go a certain way. At least if the People Who Know These Things are to be believed. All I know is that I've a lot to do and taking photos feels a bit frivolous in the grand scheme of the Moment. That said, my bloody mindedness won't have me interrupt my streak only 14 weeks in. Carry on I shall. 

Day 1 (92): 10th of March
Last day in Newcastle and the weather turned to be really brilliant. Was rather nice for the time of year the other days here, but today particularly lovely. Global warming or no, I approve. Even allowed a nice late wake up (0700), as flight does not leave till 1330 or so. Needing to get out for a few photos meant an interruption to the laziness in the nice hotel, but really, I've not gotten so much sun in months. Must be careful to not combust. The view from the river was fun, and what I was going for here in post was a scene like something from an old black and white film put into colour. Newcastle gave me that feeling the whole time; felt like it was meant to be set sixty years ago, but someone dragged it into the 21st century. 

And this was a neat tombstone near the river. I loved that they have WILLIAM GIBBON's whole family noted. Poor guy lost most of his kids. But what a great name.

Day 2 (93): 11th of March
Do love a short week, as delaying the Monday to a Tuesday just means double the fun. Certainly they can find something for me to do. Do get bored with this lack of tasking. Only two hundred things today? Whatever will I do with myself. Leave later than intended, certainly. That makes the day far more enjoyable. But got a decent picture of the moon for once! Not the best in all of creation, but the best I've gotten yet, so there. Might just be sorting out this night photography thing.... Here's a pic of the mother of the two orange beasts I've photographed before. She is currently ready to pop with more kittens, but I decided to try to get her at an angle that hides her massive girth. She's really quite sweet. Though I've named her GG, for Grumble Guts, as she gets v grumbly with her sons (as any mother would).

Moooon! This came out a bit better than the gratuitous moon shot I got a few weeks ago. All shady and neat. Really must get a longer zoom lens if I want to keep taking photos of the moon.

Day 3 (94): 12th of March
Honestly, schedules are just boring. Keeping up with one's own obligations even more so. Another day of getting to work too early and remembering far too late (i.e. half-way through first meeting) that the day would be a v late one. Doing things the hard way. Since 1983. All I have for photos is the below. Taken in the garage late at night after a 15 hour day. Really represents how I felt. The Honda, in this case, represents my day, and the angle shows my perspective. WHAMMO!

Day 4 (95): 13th of March
Tire come up gammy this morning.  Figures that would go off on a day we get pulled from all directions to create products for Big Boss; makes rather difficult plans to sneak out early to put the vehicle to rights. Also realised that I was once again doing things backwards. Most human people spend eight-nine hours at work (approx. 9-5 in the day). Between yesterday and today, I was at home from 2100-0500. That is the wrong 9-5. This is another moon shot, which I got in the evening, thus the blue sky. Round about 1730. Am noticing that when I made it a jpeg, the minor tweak to saturation I did in post has shown up as a bit swirly. But I'm just going with it. The moon itself came out OK.

Day 5 (96): 14th of March
For the passionate out there... Pi Day. I accidentally wore the right shirt, which is a pi symbol wearing a hat, moustache and aviators - Magnum pi. Haha. Any rate. Another day. Another schedule I hate. Have a large paper due on Monday, but we have to get on the boat on Sunday, and I don't know how best to get the paper done and sent, as I cannot transfer files from my laptop to the boat's computers, and my laptop cannot connect to the interwebs while onboard. Hooray my job. This is a macro of a neat plant I saw. Not really sure what else to say. I like the light.

Day 6 (97): 15th of March
Much preparation to do today. Packing, buying supplies, cleaning house (was gone for several days and the week did not allow for recovery, so now live in disaster area), doing laundry, doing homework. The list goeth on. Thank you, my work, for making things more complicated. Really interrupts my life of Quiet Normality. One day am going to have my land with animals and a house in the Middle of Nowhere. It will be grand. For now, Life goeth on as well as lists. This is the Unicorn Mug in all its glory. Honestly, how can one be upset about things when drinking tea out of this? The glowy light was not at all done in post...

It has the best face. 

Day 7 (98): 16th of March
Mad dashing in the morning to prep to leave. Feel v bad about leaving the Fair Felines for another long stretch (this one rather longer). GG will likely pop before I get back, and I rather hope she doesn't lose this batch of kittens (the last ones didn't last more than a couple weeks, though I never actually saw the poor buggers). Morning light was grand, and this dandy was dewey.

These flowers I've never noticed, but I think that is because they've only recently not been just a nondescript bush...

Moon River...wider than a mile... I'm crossing you in style, someday. Been stuck in my head all day. Why these songs enter my dreams is a mystery. Though I suppose all the moon shots I attempted this week may have something to do with it...

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week Thirteen: Orange You Glad

This week started off relatively normal, then disintegrated into a pile of puns around day three. Lettuce be real here in ad-dressing the subject. I blame Bustin Jieber. Someone loves him too much. But the punnery came later. It all stemmed from a mad conversation with - well I'll not say who - about an Italian in his truck being the torque of the town. My mind has always been a punning creature, and punderneath it all I just want to be a-pun to new things.

Day 1 (85): 3rd of March
So Monday. Yep. And lo, what should I find on the wall by my house as I returned home? Alas. Someone loves JB. Kill me now. And what loopy swoopy penmanship. I hope it is a girl's. Trust that the paint is green. I wanted the ominous effect that the script gave me.

This is better. Sort of. The graffiti messed with my brain. This tree has an alien-y face. Goggly eyes and a crooked mouth.

Day 2 (86): 4th of March
Is it Thursday yet? I get to take leave on Friday and Monday. And just everybody wants things from me this week. Of course this week. Another where I've less other stuff piled up would be far too convenient. And for the love of Mike. More love for JB. I do not Beliebe it. Who would? Pardon the shadow. Cannot help the time of day I've available for taking pics. And see about the green?

Ah. Ok. Not Biebffiti. Rather rustic. But then, most things around here are just that.

Day 3 (87): 5th of March
Saw a cloud that looked like Meatloaf's profile. Looked like he was crying to heaven, and I raced like a bat out of hell to get somewhere I could photograph it, but sadly I was left in the dark. Just picture me zooming down the street, focused on my destination, but I was exposed as a failure. Things developed poorly from there and my patience almost snapped when I saw another bit of JB love graffiti. What you cannot see is that the 'M' is followed by 'anuel' and I can only hope it is Elena's last name. I wonder at her purpose. That wretched human person will never set foot in this corner of Licola, Italy. God Willing....

The only reason this exists is that I like the texture on this wall and needed something to balance what I markedly hope is the last of the green menace.

Day 4 (88): 6th of March
Today I passed someone on the stairs and my response to this person's "How are you?" was more or less (and I'm paraphrasing here) "I blar mag signe gagdf mar tan you?" There was no call for such disphasia. I suppose it is easy to trip on one's tongue when one's feet are perpetually in one's mouth. Photos don't require talking, though, so there's a step in the right direction. Awww. Puppy. No edits required.

Day 5 (89): 7th of March
This day really took off from the start. I'll speak plane-ly, as that is what you deserve. Early early flight out and no yoke, got to Newcastle by lunch. Chap at customs v suspicious that I would just come to his fare city without some altimeter motive in mind. Whatever. Lovely place, Newcastle. Been a while since I heard the old Geordie in such vast quantity, but my ability to translate came back quickly enough. Bit chilly though, so my jaunt out into the night to take piccies was cut short by my being a wimp. But a couple came out alright before I gave it up and went to the pub. Gateshead Clock Church Thing.

Not sure what I was going for here, but I were on a bridge and there were lights and the bridge were cool.

Day 6 (90): 8th of March
Throughout the day I really came up so many puns about nerd conventions that I cannot put any of them down to e-paper. Nope. Not even THAT one. But I will say that it was nice to be able to say "my name is Rhiannon" and not get a single "Breanna?" or "Rihanna?" or "Random?" Though everyone just assumed I was Welsh. Hmmm. On my v slow jaunt back - slow due to hangover from ill-timed back spasm - I got some really neat shots. One of this bridge underbelly (there are many bridges crossing the Tyne). (It's the river, FYI). (That cuts through Newcastle). (That is all).

This I really like. And it came out right in one go. So there.

Also this. Again there are bridges. They are bridgey. And a river. It is wet.

Day 7 (91): 9th of March
So yesterday I met cool new people I'd always wanted to meet, and half the time was all splendid and grownup and coherent. The other half... well suffice it to say the tongue trippery from the other day came back a couple of times and had me responding to a simple "How are you?" with "yeah, with... hem... things blan...haha" So similar gobbledygook but this time almost proper words. I have problems. But I'll blame one on the fact that I was distracted by the warning jolt of nice back spasm mentioned before. Today was far better. All words in English and in discernible sentences. Had the nicest conversations with a couple of really neat people, and got shamelessly flirted with by older men and nerdy dudes (and one quite startlingly pretty girl dressed in a roller derby getup). Social awkwardness is fun. So is this photo. So are puns. But I've had enough of that nonsense.

This is v ominous. I love it.

Odd thought. I really want to do something substantial. Maybe leave something out in the world that impacted someone(s) somewhere(s). Will this blerg do the trick? Doubtful. But it is all I have for now. Calm down. Not being too serious, here. And not morbid or mortal. Just thoughts. Written down. As I said before, am o-pen to new things. That includes the odd thought that tickles about in the old grey matter. Put down the red flags. See what I did there? Those weren't even good puns. Pathetic.