Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week Fourteen: Moon River

Drinking tea out of my Unicorn mug as I write this on a Saturday, as Sunday will be a bit of a whirlwind in the morning to get things done. Life is pretty OK when one drinks one's tea out of a Unicorn mug. And there's been a waxing moon this week, which makes things go a certain way. At least if the People Who Know These Things are to be believed. All I know is that I've a lot to do and taking photos feels a bit frivolous in the grand scheme of the Moment. That said, my bloody mindedness won't have me interrupt my streak only 14 weeks in. Carry on I shall. 

Day 1 (92): 10th of March
Last day in Newcastle and the weather turned to be really brilliant. Was rather nice for the time of year the other days here, but today particularly lovely. Global warming or no, I approve. Even allowed a nice late wake up (0700), as flight does not leave till 1330 or so. Needing to get out for a few photos meant an interruption to the laziness in the nice hotel, but really, I've not gotten so much sun in months. Must be careful to not combust. The view from the river was fun, and what I was going for here in post was a scene like something from an old black and white film put into colour. Newcastle gave me that feeling the whole time; felt like it was meant to be set sixty years ago, but someone dragged it into the 21st century. 

And this was a neat tombstone near the river. I loved that they have WILLIAM GIBBON's whole family noted. Poor guy lost most of his kids. But what a great name.

Day 2 (93): 11th of March
Do love a short week, as delaying the Monday to a Tuesday just means double the fun. Certainly they can find something for me to do. Do get bored with this lack of tasking. Only two hundred things today? Whatever will I do with myself. Leave later than intended, certainly. That makes the day far more enjoyable. But got a decent picture of the moon for once! Not the best in all of creation, but the best I've gotten yet, so there. Might just be sorting out this night photography thing.... Here's a pic of the mother of the two orange beasts I've photographed before. She is currently ready to pop with more kittens, but I decided to try to get her at an angle that hides her massive girth. She's really quite sweet. Though I've named her GG, for Grumble Guts, as she gets v grumbly with her sons (as any mother would).

Moooon! This came out a bit better than the gratuitous moon shot I got a few weeks ago. All shady and neat. Really must get a longer zoom lens if I want to keep taking photos of the moon.

Day 3 (94): 12th of March
Honestly, schedules are just boring. Keeping up with one's own obligations even more so. Another day of getting to work too early and remembering far too late (i.e. half-way through first meeting) that the day would be a v late one. Doing things the hard way. Since 1983. All I have for photos is the below. Taken in the garage late at night after a 15 hour day. Really represents how I felt. The Honda, in this case, represents my day, and the angle shows my perspective. WHAMMO!

Day 4 (95): 13th of March
Tire come up gammy this morning.  Figures that would go off on a day we get pulled from all directions to create products for Big Boss; makes rather difficult plans to sneak out early to put the vehicle to rights. Also realised that I was once again doing things backwards. Most human people spend eight-nine hours at work (approx. 9-5 in the day). Between yesterday and today, I was at home from 2100-0500. That is the wrong 9-5. This is another moon shot, which I got in the evening, thus the blue sky. Round about 1730. Am noticing that when I made it a jpeg, the minor tweak to saturation I did in post has shown up as a bit swirly. But I'm just going with it. The moon itself came out OK.

Day 5 (96): 14th of March
For the passionate out there... Pi Day. I accidentally wore the right shirt, which is a pi symbol wearing a hat, moustache and aviators - Magnum pi. Haha. Any rate. Another day. Another schedule I hate. Have a large paper due on Monday, but we have to get on the boat on Sunday, and I don't know how best to get the paper done and sent, as I cannot transfer files from my laptop to the boat's computers, and my laptop cannot connect to the interwebs while onboard. Hooray my job. This is a macro of a neat plant I saw. Not really sure what else to say. I like the light.

Day 6 (97): 15th of March
Much preparation to do today. Packing, buying supplies, cleaning house (was gone for several days and the week did not allow for recovery, so now live in disaster area), doing laundry, doing homework. The list goeth on. Thank you, my work, for making things more complicated. Really interrupts my life of Quiet Normality. One day am going to have my land with animals and a house in the Middle of Nowhere. It will be grand. For now, Life goeth on as well as lists. This is the Unicorn Mug in all its glory. Honestly, how can one be upset about things when drinking tea out of this? The glowy light was not at all done in post...

It has the best face. 

Day 7 (98): 16th of March
Mad dashing in the morning to prep to leave. Feel v bad about leaving the Fair Felines for another long stretch (this one rather longer). GG will likely pop before I get back, and I rather hope she doesn't lose this batch of kittens (the last ones didn't last more than a couple weeks, though I never actually saw the poor buggers). Morning light was grand, and this dandy was dewey.

These flowers I've never noticed, but I think that is because they've only recently not been just a nondescript bush...

Moon River...wider than a mile... I'm crossing you in style, someday. Been stuck in my head all day. Why these songs enter my dreams is a mystery. Though I suppose all the moon shots I attempted this week may have something to do with it...

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