Sunday, 13 April 2014

Week Eighteen: Bye the Sky

Let's just get into it, shall we? The sky's the thing this week, but there are a few other shots to keep it interesting.

Day 1 (120): 7th of April
Racking the old brain for a nice unifying theme for the week, and coming up with zilch. Was v distracted upon returning to the villa, and nearly forgot to get out the camera. This seemed like a good filler, and really not a bad way to start the week. Took many versions on many settings, but finally got this one. Not often that I can see the Mediterranean from my bedroom balcony, but tonight was nice and clear.

So clear I took another with a different set of settings, and got this.

Day 2 (121): 8th of April
Another brain suck of a day. This time nearly let the evening get away to the point that I forgot to shower, but blissfully (on behalf of my co-workers) remembered. Waking up between 0400 and 0430 means I rarely want to deal with showering before work. Probably an over-share, that, but so be it. All I really wanted to accomplish this evening (sadly) was to watch the new Game of Thrones. My Italian internet had other plans, and decided to force repeated pauses for buffering. Thus, an hour long show took nearly two hours to watch. First world problems?? Yup. Here's another sunset. Earlier in the evening, but same shooting location. Cannot really see the Mediterranean in this one, but the clouds are fun.

Day 3 (122): 9th of April
Brilliant Wednesday. Really, truly brilliant. Was slightly out of it this morning thanks to another night of the best insomnia a girl could get. At the end of a 10-ish hour day that felt like ten days, I was at a loss to locate my car keys. It was at that point I realised what may have happened, and sure enough, I was correct. This happened. Not everyone can be so brilliant as this. Yes, that is my car door. Yes, those are my keys.

And here is another cool sky. With a bird.

Day 4 (123): 10th of April
After yesterday took a week to finish, today was a blur of getting things done and looking great doing it. It is these days that make me love what I do. And the guys who work for me are truly unique and terrific. Please don't tell them I said that. It will go to their heads and go against my daily routine of insults and sarcasm. But truly, am lucky to run the group that I do. Now, enough sentimentality; people keep asking for more views of my surroundings, so here is a photo of my 'hood. Pretty rough area, no? That shiny strip between the land and sky is the Med again. 

Got a fancy new flash in the mail, and although I promptly dropped the fool thing, I got to play with it a bit (don't much use flash) doing some studio-y stuff. My favourite was this number. Snarf's new pet has Lion-O rather unamused.

And because it would seem the sky is the thing of the week, there is this. Really loved this one. Partly because it took many shots to get it right. The layers came out really nice.

Day 5 (124): 11th of April
Another slug of a day. Largely due to a conference call at 1400 in which I really did not want to take part. Nothing quite like a dreaded thing at the end of a day to make it drag on like nobody's business. This is the vineyard next to my house. I've tried many times to get a decent shot of the thing, and today finally got a photo that doesn't look like total crap, but evening light certainly helped. Focus is still not quite what I wanted, but it is much closer to my goal.

Sunset tonight was a bit boring, so I thought I'd go out later an get another of these. Really need a better zoom to make moon photos look better. 

Day 6 (125): 12th of April
Insanely lazy Saturdays are a lovely thing. Have a lot to do tomorrow, so am taking full advantage of today, including lolling about in the hammock. Lolling is not an easy task with a gammy back, but determination to maximise sloth time won the day. Had Robin for company in the garden as well. His mum has buggered off (presumably with the kitten, but who knows?) so he and his brother are back in full residence. Must be an exhausting life, being of the feline persuasion. 

Again, the sky has become a bit of a theme, so here is another gratuitous but lovely sunset shot. Same balcony, same angle. Same power lines...

Day 7 (126): 13th of April
Lots of crap to do today, and of course that happens on a day I've been invited to go see another lovely show at the Teatro San Carlo. Bugger. And have had v strange dreams involving dead people, foreign castles, explosions, and the USS Mount Whitney. All with rather mild soundtracks. Ah my brain. Such a fun place to be sometimes. Any rate, the photos today are somewhat excessively modified (contrast, monochrome, exposure, temperature, etc). But that is just because I haven't modified any of the other shots this week worth the mention and my poor editing software was feeling unloved. Thus sepia-ish lock...

And boring sky made to look like Armageddon Cometh, thanks to temperature adjustments and exposure changes. Too much stuff to do to wait and catch the sunset. Want to get this thing out and published.

Not much to say in closing slash summary. Lots of sunsets. Symbolic? No, not really. Just have a soft spot for a good sunset. Not thinking much about the fool broodcat and her wee kit. Stupid animals. Time will tell, I suppose, whether the thing made it or Poor Motherly Decisions led to another sad story. Stupid animals.

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