Sunday, 16 February 2014

Week Ten: Just Look up and Relax

Ruddy car wreck. Ruddy Neapolitan who hit me. Ruddy delayed onset back pain. Enough to make one truly annoyed. Regardless, there's things need done and jobs need finished. So on with the dance, as they say. Aided by modern medicinal tactics. This week is all about the world as seen from one's back. Not in the 19th century euphemistic sense, mind you. More the "I've fallen and I can't get up" sense.

Day 1 (64): 10th of February
Minimal editorialisation this week. I'll keep that promise as much as possible. I do find it a stroke of genius what was passed to me at work for a suggested theme. This one was pretty basic. Took my ibuprofen and dropped (OK, settled slowly) to my back on the living room floor, camera in hand and kept it simple. Just an upside down shot of the window drapes.

Because I was unsure about that one, and because the other shot I took was truly stupid, here's the first again but in sepia.

Day 2 (65): 11th of February
Muscle relaxers are interesting and wonderful things. Going all gooey like people say one does when in love. But a bit more literally. That plus slurring words like a person with dysphasia or perhaps a drunk. Today's piccie came from a desire to experience the cool of the entry floor on the back. And not make you see seven photos of the same bit of ceiling. Thus, looking up the stairs. Note: the entry floor was not as nice as I thought, and I just noticed that I need to clean the floor again.

And the hall / stair light.

Day 3 (66): 12th of February
Eff this week. The snit reared its ugly head again (enabled by drugs and exhaustion), and I drafted an epic vent-mail to my best friend, with desired results. Best friends are wonderful for always being on one's side when one is feeling abused and generally mal-treated. They know when to offer advice and when to just be outraged and indignant along with one. Am a lucky gal. Oh, and finally found a good use for the Fisheye lens I've had for a while and never figured how best to employ....Observe. The boudoir...

I get far too much joy out of seeing my whole ceiling in one photo.

Day 4 (67): 13th of February
Hurrah for nice weather and Fisheye lenses. Though I've not yet sorted the absolutely best way to use the fool thing, am having a bit of fun with it. And my hammock. How I've missed it. See what I mean?

Day 5 (68): 14th of February
Happy Friday / Papa's Birthday / Valentine's Day! I just love the sweets that come from Hallmarky holidays like this. And the memories of getting my dad pink teddy bears for his birthday. Since the morale police stepped in and ruined the plan for a four-day w/end, and my trip to Paris fell apart, I see a lazy next few days, punctuated by physical therapy, alcohol therapy, and homework. And Photos. 

Another. I like the light.

One more view. Still cool light.

Day 6 (69): 15th of February
First of all...holy hand grenade. Just this guy. How cool and huge and cool is he?

Now, a cat's eye view of life outside.

So nice to hide in the bushes. The felines were simultaneously highly entertained, confused, and a bit indignant at my crawling about in the garden.

Day 7 (70): 16th of February
Got such poor results in the theme shots I decided to scrub it. Looked downward instead for a bit. And got this pile of stuff at a nearby farm, a shot I am strangely attached to. So much so I did two kinds of edits. A straight black and white...

And a faded photo from the past look.

And I got this great little set of gorgeous yellow springy flowers. The light was awful and too bright, so I had to monochrome-ish grey fade thing in the edit, but they are still v pretty.

So this week has been a strange, watching-someone-else-live-my-life sort. I've half a mind to be cross about it, but really, these things happen. Makes what will come in the future (whatever that is) all the better for not being this. So long, of course, as it ticks most of my various prerequisite blocks...  Here's to the future.

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