Sunday, 2 February 2014

Week Eight: Don't Toy With Me

Had big plans for a shape-themed week, but as is my femaley and bloggery prerogative, I changed my mind when I got home. Have always been envious of those who take neat pictures of toys, and avoid the look of an eBay listing. Should probably provide a surgeon general's warning about the dork level associated with the toys below, but it seems a bit redundant. I will attempt to make the photos themselves not too lame, as a compensation. Will certainly wave the nerd flag, as well as the "I'm thirty but still have toys" flag. I have grownup toys as well (motorbike, nice camera, laptop, truck, money), but am not above kicking it with my bobbleheads and misc fan-related merchandise. One must have a modicum of shame in order to be snobbish about such things.

Day 1 (50): 27th of January
There are days when the world sneaks up behind a person and secretly drains the oomph right out. Not nice. And it seems always on those days there are all the meetings in all the different places. Found myself leaning against the railings on a stair and was not sure how long I'd been there. Enough whinging, though.  This I like to call "Tools of a good man's trade." That name came to me just as I hit the pickle button. Do wish either or both of these really did their fictional jobs. How brilliant would that be. If only we had more good men like the ones that wield these tools.
 A Black and White, for good measure, and for to get my skills with same improved.

This is all rather silly, but ah well. Somehow this edit made me sad. Amazing how changing the light balance and saturation can have that effect.

Day 2 (51): 28th of January
Recently several of my photos have won awards on Pixoto (a photo site wherein photographers vote on each others' work). Two that have been raking in appreciation for day, week, month, and year awards are sadly pics of my cats, but two pics from this 365 Project have done quite well as well, and one of my faves from the year just got a top 20% for 2013. Pondering how to take it (still learning to accept praise, OK?) but am working on the being flattered part. Nowhere near being a "good" photographer, but must be doing at least a few things right, at least part of the time. Note to self: sort out what that is. Setting scenes is something I need to do rather better, and that is part of the motivation / inspiration for the below. Somewhat recently I received the two items in the photos, and had a moment of insanity that resulted in the scenario you will witness. Took a few tries to get decent focus and light, and even tried the dreaded fisheye lens (a project for later). A scary twist on childhood icons (Pac-Man, PEZ, and Muppets). Poor guy... didn't see this happening. He just offered the nice yellow face a PEZ...

And really, there was nothing he could do... Pacman does have an insatiable appetite (it has been decades and he still chases pills / pill-shaped things).

Day 3 (52): 29th of January
Only a couple days into this theme and I am doing rather a lot of head scratching (though that may be related to elsewheres in my life). Am pondering how far to take it, and whether I will get anything out of it, skills-wise. Also may run a bit out of material. Thought I had more of my silly things here in Italy, but most apparently were either victims of the Great Goods Grab of 2012 or are in storage in Fallon, NV. Hmmmmm. The below set up is a bit of a re-attack on a previous shot. I'd originally wanted to do it outside, but by the time I got home it was dark and a bit miserable outside (and I was soon for beddie by). Thus, the in of doors, but there may be another attempt to take the toys outside. For now, shot one is Rainbow Dash attempting to mediate what could become a bad situation of "exterminate" vs "delete." Fingers crossed...

This is the schoolyard shot, with the Daleks gossiping about the Cyberman's new friend...SO uncool. We've all been on one side of this or the other...

Day 4 (53): 30th of January
Odd energy sort of a day. Lots of strange vibes everywhere I went. Sometimes wish I weren't such an emotion sponge. Must be because I bottle my own, so the Universe feels the need to affect me somehow... Naw. People just need to learn to keep it to themselves unless it serves a purpose. Hmmm. Yes. That sounds right. Excessive moodiness / miserygutsness is never necessary. Ah well. Moving on. Keeping things to the point, the below represents what it was like being a Mini driver. Particularly when in traffic with Large Vehicles. Like a nightmarish version of the Italian Job. With TIE Interceptors.

This was not the traffic they were looking for.

Day 5 (54): 31st of January
Sometimes the demands and expectations levied on a person are so obscure(d) that a body could simply not know they are there, never you mind what they are. This can complicate the task of satisfying same. My my. What a load of whinging. Should be ashamed of myself. Sorry about that. Here's a photo instead. I must've put these goggly eyes on nearly every surface within the house, but this is the least crap shot of the bunch. Nothing like goggly eyes and an excessive black and white edit to make a normal clothes cupboard look like something from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Day 6 (55): 1st of February
W/ends that follow crap weeks are often, through no fault of their own, the victims of bad moods. Poor things. They just want to help. What we have below is my attempt to change up the backdrop and totally muddle all sorts of fictional characters. And play with light and focus a bit. In this case, I'm not sure that Toothless is on board with training against the Hulk. There are limits... not that the Doctor knows what those are...

Once again. Poor Toothless seems unsure about this... Hulk just wants to ride the dragon (not like that, mind you... although...). And sorry about the funny shadows. The light trick was not so good this time.

Day 7 (56): 2nd of February
The day of the Superb Owl. Am on the fence about who I care to win. Love my NFC, and I'd love for my Niners to have lost the Playoffs to the team that eventually won. However, it is hard to root for the Seasquawks... Ah well. We'll see. Game doesn't even come on here until midnight and change. And I have prep for the week to do and do not get the late start that everyone else is allowed. So, photos. Legos are brilliant. Therefore the following. A clone trooper just out on his rounds. First the snails. Insert joke here...

Come on! Of all the times to spring an ambush.Do you see the blaster?

That dealt with, a little misunderstanding about a chest full of gold... and a huge looming orange feline in the background...

Do we really need to involve the cops? I wasn't trying to steal anything!

And to top it all off... speeding? Really? How fast do you think this thing goes? Of course I have permits for the weapons...Lemmie just see...

In summation, this was an interesting experiment. As usual, some shots came out pretty great, and others not so much. In a week where my experiences can only be described with melodramatic terms (and as such I will spare you the gory details), I suppose such can only be expected. If my writing back in the day reflected my moods, it only follows that my photos would do the same. Better luck next week, no? Here's hoping. 

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