Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week Seven: Love Letters

Was on the fence about whether to pick a theme this week or just photograph things in general. Then decided to just try another theme, as it forces me to challenge my Eye. Have been a child of the written word all my years. Learned to read young, thanks to my wonderful mother reading wonderful poems and stories of all kinds to my brother and I every night from the Begining (Best Beloved). And have loved both reading and writing with a passion. Still blast through books at the speed of thought. Thus the theme of letters. Either letters on things or things in life that look like letters. Quite the array. And do us both a favour by skipping day five. I'm not proud of that.

Day 1 (43): 20th of January
Still in Romania. And last night, the Battery in my Olympus died. I brought a second one, but it holds a charge like a big baby. Fitting that the day we are to go see the second largest government building in the world, I will be rolling the dice with Baby Wimpy McNocharge and then relying on the iPhone. Ah well. Serves me right for not having three batteries. Or just remembering the charger. If any of you out in Blogverse feel the urge to see Romania / Bulgaria (which I highly recommend), you simply must use this guy Valentin who showed us around. Went way above and beyond the call of duty, taking us places we'd not normally see, paying for food and beverages (even one meal that he just thought was not up to standards). Today he was not on the bill to take us anywhere, but took his own vehicle and time to show us around Bucharest a bit and go to lunch and then to the airport. Genuinely nice fellow. Whilst enjoying this stroll about Bucharest, got these piccies of cool letters. First some Cyrillic on a grave marker.

Then this graffiti. Not sure what it says. Besides "NECRO ->"

Day 2 (44): 21st of January
Every week should start on Tuesdays. Got stuck in training all day. And as usual, much was repeat from previous classes I've attended. They never tell you these things before the training starts. That said, I suppose there have been useful tidbits of information that I'd not have gotten otherwise. Remembering again that I themed myself in to letters, I've gone all abstract or something, and found things shaped like the letter X. Like the letters that sponsored Sesame Street. Granted, this is a bit of a cheat and was motivated partly by poor timing and lack of creativity. That said, I think the ones I've chosen are decent. Amazing how much one can get out of so little. I have a ceiling fan or two, so here is one. Love the shadow that light makes.

And here is my floor. I have tiles. They are square.

Day 3 (45): 22nd of January
More training, and when one is in a foul disposition, the prospect of same becomes a bit daunting. Have reached the point in the month where all things dribbling slowly from day to day have finally accumulated and threaten to make like a Naples pothole and swallow me whole. A bit melodramatic, I know, but that is just that. Not really helped by the fact that the day started poorly, with the hot water on the fritz, then forgetting the thing I was going to bring to work, then forgetting to bring gas coupons so I can fuel up on the way home, then getting bitten in the heel by the metal turnstyle through which I pass to enter work. All that before 0530. Thank the Green Man for short weeks. This day can suck it / stuff it up its jumper / etc. Any hoo. Photos. Right. Letters. these are v dark, but they are letter-ish. Tried to make an L out of a thing on my wall, but it was silly. Too much so even for me. So there is this. It is my stair railings. Like a T.

And another. It is a bit of a table. Also a T... and dusty... hmmm must find duster thing...

Day 4 (46): 23rd of January
Spending more time away from my office than in it gives me a new perspective. That perspective allows me to understand that I like my office and dislike meetings that take me all over Christendom (and up and down the same zillion stairs). Such a revelation. Like realising that some people are rather absurd. Or that crime indeed does not pay. Or even that it was all JUST A DREAM?!?!?! So sorry. It has been that sort of day. Thus the motivation / inspiration for the below shots. Oh, the things we can do with seemingly innocuous storage baskets (conveniently marked so as to not lose sight of their purpose in life - if only all things were suchly marked)...such as focus on one's years...

Or indeed one's emotions. Bottled or no. And this is not an admission of a violent personality. Just a photo. Hold off calling the nice young men in their clean white suits.

Day 5 (47): 24th of January
I'll not detail the details of my day, for plausible deniability reasons. Suffice it to say I learned a lot about myself and my minio-, no... those under my comm-, er, orde-, hmm...direction. And really none of it was awkward or embarrassing. Which takes a bit of the fun out of it, but I suppose that cannot be helped. Have had the theme music from Full House stuck in my head. And demonstrated that I have far too much trivial knowledge from that particular show. Ah well. As an adult I can look back and see it for what it was. Really not bad family TV, and with plenty of Saget humour surreptitiously inserted for parental enjoyment. Might want to skip to tomorrow's photo. I'll not make this seem cooler than it is. Was fully lacking in ideas. But had a scarf. Took many versions, and none were any better than this one... Lovely HD camera takes a lovely look at my hairs that do seem to be everywhere...

Day 6 (48): 25th of January
Many things need doing on the w/ends. Especially when one spends other w/ends galavanting about the continent. That being so, a Naughty Nellie will still find time for doing not v much for a bit. Can be therapeutic for us Introverts to spend time in an introverted fashion. Even if that involves running errands without speaking a word to another human. Which is how it ought be, really. Errands are to be finished, not interrupted by or shared with random strangers. My, how perfectly antisocial of her! Yes. But it is better than having terrifyingly awkward conversations. The following was seen whilst I erranded. Am oddly attached to it for an unknowable reason. It ticks the "letters" block by having both an I and a V in it, but really I cannot say why I like it. I just do.

Here it is again in greyscale. Because I like it, that's why.

And this lovely ancient ladder up against a tree in the nearby field also speaks volumes. Whether I've captured them is up for a short debate, but it does look like an H. And has great texture.

Day 7 (49): 26th of January
I've invented a new hairstyle. I call it the Wu Man Chu. It came about as I was enjoying the latest episode of Call the Midwife and had my rather long hair hanging equally on both sides of my head. The next obvious step was to braid the two sections under my chin, creating a sort of necktie down my front. Looks a bit like something worn for ceremonial purposes on an Amazonian-esque planet far away. Or like the product of idle hands and a strange mind. Would be less bad if I'd not left it in, but I braided it like that about four hours ago. Good thing I've neither roommates nor visitors. The letter sponsoring today is A. Because it is First. And was the first letter of my nickname as a wee thing (and still today). Played with the tripod in front of the wall, then hung the good old sheer green shower curtain as a backdrop. The below was the result of a 200 ISO and a 15 second exposure. Thus the strange light and colour. All washed out is neat and required no post-production to achieve. And there are three As going on in the picture. Ta da.

And a more close up version. Tried to make it unique, as A is an important letter.

Realising I've gone a bit border-heavy this week, as well as heavy on post-editing. Not that I've any problem with that. Am not a snob about "pure" photos. There are many out there who are just bloody brilliant enough to get the perfect light and colour balance etc etc at the time. Am not one of them. And am OK with that. Besides, I like making things look different than the way they normally do. It is part of what I see in my head before hitting the pickle button. Besides, I've been called contrary my whole life. My photos really ought reflect that. 

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