Sunday, 5 January 2014

Week Four: Requiem for Oldies

To celebrate the passing of another year in which I did not get arrested, maimed, sued, murdered, or fired, I thought I'd have a bit of fun this week, by taking perfectly nice pictures and putting them through the oldification engine. Not through Instagram (though that certainly is fun, and may be a topic of a later post), but rather with some prune wombat software I have. OK. Maybe not that PW, but Pruner Wombat than my camera. We'll just see what you think.

Day 1 (22): 30th of December
Stuff happens. There was a wee earthquake last night. At first I thought the ruddy great tractor the farmer nearby had been doing godknowswhat with all day had run into my house. That or I was going mad. Then I saw my TV wobbling and the stringy things on the ceiling fan dancing about. Not a whopper by any means - I think the Scientists said a five-point-something 60 miles away. Mostly I sat hoping that this was not a "Surprise, Vesuvius woke up" thing. Then I resigned myself to possible death and went back to my business. Only so much a girl can do on a Sunday evening. Days like today are interesting. Both a Monday and a Friday, people don't seem to know what exactly to do. In depth projects can hardly be to focus of effort, but new tasking is likewise not the best idea, due to the mental sloughing that will inevitably occur round about 1500. There are certainly things need done. Cars need serviced. Papers need filed. Food needs bought. Probably more things as well. For now, there is this. Played with both the greyscale and sepia settings, and this is what I ended up with. Looks all scratchy and old...

 Less exciting with just the trunk in the shot... will remember that next time.

Was just going to leave it at that, but then I went out to check on the boys and saw one orange fluffball making horrible noises at a muddy bloody ball of wet that had the relative shape of the orange one's previously orange brother. Got him a bit towelled off, but the poor thing is clearly banged up and hurt, and while he was tolerant (and somewhat appreciative) of my cuddles and conciliatory gestures, he kept making horrible "owww, that hurts" noises. Gosh, has me in a horrible state. Totally neurotic about a bloody stray cat. Good grief.

Day 2 (23): 31st of December
Ugh. Still a bit neurotic about Daft Merry. Looks more like a cat but still not a happy camper. Am such a sop I just get gutted by four leggedys in pain. Ugh indeed. If only I could convince a feline of the benefits of the Mighty Cuppa. Must refocus efforts on Rest of Day. Though Rest of Day entails v little, as Plan A is to be mildly energetic with a quick workout, but spend the rest of the day as a Listless Layabout. Yesterday was an indoor thing made old, so today's experiment is to do an outdoor thing. Tried bits of the house, bits of the wall/fence, bits of flowers, and bits of trees, all with my warming filter on, to see what that does for the Oldification Process. Results?

 Turns out that while I like going true greyscale, sometimes futsing with the saturation and intensity of the greyness makes is cooler (to me), as it keeps a little bit of the colour.

Day 3 (24): 1st of January (2014! gosh)
Really Gosh. Mad cliche to be amazed at the passing of time into another year, but I guess things are a cliche for a reason. If following good Life Plan, should have Life sorted by now. Don't have Life sorted. Make resolution to get Life sorted? Nah. Resolutions are supposed to be reasonable. Today for example is "clean house, you slob." The dust bunnies will kill you in your sleep like feral dogs. And enjoy Nice Day for taking piccies. Filter free work, but a little inside and out, since my mind is all ideas and usually little action, and when the action happens things get a little spacey. This time went all sepia, all the time. V old timey waterspout...sure it is. A bit better with the composition, though (maybe??)

This was a little fun I had with a fabric shower curtain I bought to use as a privacy screen, but turns out is nearly totally sheer. Who wants a sheer fabric shower curtain? Honestly, that is just madness. So now it is a cloth backdrop for candles. And a fob watch. That might look familiar to certain people in the audience... you know who you are.

Day 4 (25): 2nd of January
Still 2014. Will get over this eventually. Will not, however, get the date right on gas coupons and work papers for a while yet. Be reasonable. Even second guessed myself a few times to the point that I was putting 2012 on things.... Have waxed a bit poetic about the significance of a new year, and sadly came to a highly pessimistic conclusion. I want to see golden opportunities to start afresh and anew and again and asuch. Humans make that hard. To avoid being too terribly Deborah Downer about things, it'll suffice to say that for this Weary Traveler, a new year will simply mean a new date, and hoping to keep on the current path. My, how uplifting. Not my fault. Got rear-ended on the way to work, and after darting off, the twat who hit me had the gall to go to the authorities and want to press charges. After Breaking My Car. Gee, sir. So sorry my car's ass damaged your hood when you plowed into me at great speed. Let me do what I can to help you out. Any rate, felt not brilliant when Gertie and I limped home, so I used the same silly cloth backdrop but changed the subject. Had been thinking about doing something with my cowboy boots, so today was that day. Did one in BW, but went all funny, so the Sepia-y one wins. Not the best, but was not at my best.

Day 5 (26): 3rd of January
Life carries on. Got to stretch Indy's legs today, which was really v therapeutic for us both. Nothing quite like a nice 0500 bike ride to zen out the brain. Bad Things Be Gone! Why can't all problems be so easy to solve? They really are, when it comes right down to it. If only Italian weather and roads were more conducive to frequent rides... Or really, if only I were less of a wuss and had proper rain gear. Meh, as they say. Got lucky both ways today. The Gods may be Crazy, but sometimes, they're rather kind. Days slowly getting longer, so there was more light (ish) when I was home, but Mr. Tri Pod still got some play, as the longer exposure was rather necessary. Bloody wind was not helping in that regard. It couldn't even play nice and give a nice arty blur in the background. No. Had to be splodgy. Many poor lemon (lime?) tree shots later, finally settled on a pair of stone garden things that seemed to me entertained by my misfortune. After treatment, is a bit too bright in the middle, but I think it looks kinda cool.

Day 6 (27): 4th of January
Things happen. Woke this morning with but one thought: "Why are you awake? It is 0525 on a SATURDAY! And you've nowhere to be! And that was a nice dream this time. And wow... your neck rather still smarts a bit, no?" Fine. That was several thoughts. Not even sorry. Well, maybe a little. All rainy and drudgey today, which means Little Hermit Annie has her day. Non-worky Car and non-rain-ridey Me means no-leavey house. But there are things. Things to do. Like... continue re-binge on Copper, or read new book (!!). Maybe dust a shelf or two... Bah. TO THE COUCH! Oh, all right. VIA THE GYM! Took two sort of similar shots today, but the second one started out as a good idea and in the end failed to make me happy (hmmm... metaphor, anyone?). I'll show it any rate. First one seems simple and boring, but for some reason, I really like it. So v non-Americany but non-specific-placey. And the light really felt good. Why? How should I know? Not like I'm a professional. Just a Bloody-Minded Nerd with a Camera.

And Number Two... mleh (splotchiness was my doing in post)

Day 7 (28): 5th of January
Cursed weather. Splendid thunder boomer, but it is just enabling my slothful nature. Spent the morning blasting country music (neighbours be damned) and fighting with my Photo Plan. Reason for the country music was that I woke with "Hungry Eyes" in my head, after my dream got it stuck there. Was like some odd avant garde play, where myself and three friends were sitting around a table drinking tea, whilst mass riots and violence and explosions and etc were happening all about behind us. The ruckus made only muted noise; most of the sound came from pouring tea and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. OK dreamologists - what the bloody eff does that mean? Back to the pic. Tried umpteen zillion different set ups and poses and things to add or subtract (when dealing in RAW, starts to take up space on the card...) and finally got something I kinda like. The original colours were pretty cool, but that is not the point this week. So there. The books are boxes and the little necklace is a christmas pressie from Home. The backdrop this time is a pair of wraparound "Djibouti Pants" in shiny blue that I got for some amount of local currency in - you guessed it - Djibouti. They are flowy and pretty and comfy.

Thing at the End. Damn. Seems I've forced myself to write something summatory at the end of these things. Does remarking on that fact count? Probably not. Wisdom or Commentary is better. Relevance is Optional. Ok. End of Week Four. Seems like a monumental thing for someone like me. But a month is just a month. And really is not a proper month till the 9th of January. New year opened with a bang, though, eh? Wish it had been a bit less literal about it, though. Ah well. Little Harm, Little Foul. Well, OK. Bigish Foul on the part of the soandso that hit me. But serves me right, I suppose, for being In the Way.

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