Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week Forty-Nine: Doctors and Dingbats

Quick plug for an opener. I'm turning 31 next month, and will be closing out the 365 project. To celebrate, I've pledged my birthday to charity: water in lieu of asking for pressies. If you'd be interested, check it out. This week is fun stuff heavy at the front end, but a bit weak for the rest of the time. These things happen.

Day 1 (337): 10th of November
I think I need to dye my beard blue or something. As part of the Haj to Cardiff, made it down to Cardiff Bay and the Doctor Who Experience. What a time. Had fangasm after fangasm and even made the occasional undignified noise of delight. Was supposed to take a tour of the current TARDIS set, but due to filming or some other lame excuse, they had to cancel. Tried to point out that I do a world renowned impersonation of a church mouse, but alas they did not buy it. What follows is a mad assortment of just a few of the photos from the Experience and Cardiff. Enjoy.

Wonderful way to be greeted at the entrance.

The exhibits that follow the tour are pretty fangasmarific. Proper old sets.
Proper old companions. Tried to treat the photo to a oldification.

AAAAK! Sorry. I'll just...

Mehhehehe. Gaahh! You can still see the bits that got a bit singed in the explosion...

Gvahgahablah! The DOOR!!! THE DOOR!!!

Sorry. That was bad. THE FACE OF BOE!!! AWWWW

Really. Not sure what came over me. Just going to calm down... But!

Outside. Outside is better. Wait! I know that restaurant! Must have Turkish for lunch.

Silly but sweet and a little sad. Poor Ianto. Every lovely fictional character deserves a shrine.

Day 2 (338): 11th of November
Lovely day in London to close out this trip. Remembrance Day, Veterans' Day, and the anniversary of the day my grandmother died in 1988. Here's the story for the day. Was wandering in Hyde Park near Albert Hall, and a little guy asked me for the time. I obliged, and as I did, he took my hand and told me I had a colourful, artistic aura. This then led to fifteen minutes of this bloke telling me all sorts of things about myself. And I think he's been in my head or something, because he was freakishly on the mark. Said I need to do the things I want to do. Said I want so much but don't know where to start. Said the pain in my lower back is tied to the thing or person (maybe an ex-boyfriend?) that is emotionally draining me. Hmmm. The things that happen in London. Hello Magpie.

Hello Squirrel.

Hello Ponies.

Ahhh fountain at the Italian Gardens. Something Italian that doesn't drive me to drink.

Day 3 (339): 12th of November
Back to the grind, though it is always odd to have a Wednesday act like a Monday. Thought about calling it Mendsday, but that sounded too much like Mensday, which either sounds like a day for the dudes, or an awkward celebration of Female Issues. Tried Wonday, but as the day was hardly the top of the standings, it seemed a bit to obviously ironic. And the last thing one needs is obvious irony, right? Only one shot today. Cool sky.

Day 4 (340): 13th of November
Spent most of the day listening to "academics" to prepare for an upcoming embarkation, but really the lectures piped over the computer speakers did more to confuse me about the whole ordeal. Learning about logistics, "best practices," Command and Control, and Cyber things was truly a thrill to end all thrills, but what really took the prize was the bit about targeting. By the end of it, I realised I have no idea what I do for a living. Pretty impressive work, that. A lecture that is so convoluted and poorly presented that it leaves experts baffled and perplexed about the very nature of their field, is a lecture for the ages. Driving home took too long so I had to grab the sunset via iPhone on the way.

And came to find the tree outside my kitchen all gone. My landlords are rather chop-happy of late.

Day 5 (341): 14th of November
Really hate having to get work done on the car. Not even because it is rather pricy ($250 to replace two tires...are they made from panda skin?), but just because of the Neapolitan flare for making things harder. Mission accomplished, though, so now dear old Gertie can be street legal again. Also meant I got to veg at a cinematic showing of a cute kids film Big Hero 6, which I'd never even heard of, but which was rather charming. Got some Moment shots on base before the show.

Not great, but not too bad.

Day 6 (342): 15th of November
All the traveling makes for disaster areas. The house is always a bit messy, but at this point it was truly horrendous. All better now. And got to torture Merry with the Terror Sucker Monster, so that was fun. Only one shot today. Flower hiding from the cloudy day.

Day 7 (343): 16th of November
Last night as I enjoyed my champions dinner of Easy Mac and Coors Light in front of a roaring Gilmore Girls binge, I realised I'd managed to travel in time to my university days. All that was missing was a bean bag, a papasan, a Target lamp, and my old roommates. Funny old world.
Yesterday's flower is a bit happier this morning.

Finally got a yellow thing to not be washed out. Maybe I'm learning. Probably not. Am a bit thick.

Obviously rained last night.

Quite the ramble this week. But this funny old world will have that effect on a person. 

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