Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week Forty-Eight: Cardiff When it Drizzles

Alright, so perhaps it's not as sexy as Paris, and no one thought to put Audrey Hepburn in a film about it, but Cardiff is just fine by me. Besides, with a name like Rhiannon, I really was overdue for a visit to Wales.

Day 1 (330): 3rd of November
Damn you, Netflix. You are adding to the shameful wretchedness that is me. A certain show that shall remain nameless has sucked me into a binge spiral and reminded me of better days. Not enough of a sharer to go any further into the explanation of that, but suffice it to say a good (nonfictional) man really is hard to find. So are nice looking boots that don't give one blisters. In other news, this ought to be a good week. No school, four days of work, big pay increase coming, and a Haj to the Whovian Mecca that is Cardiff. Happy little weedy plant.

Day 2 (331): 4th of November
It's rather irritating when someone decides to put a perfectly disorganised process to rights. Sometimes, not following a policy is the best thing. My ancient BMW has to get inspected every year to stay registered, and in the past those inspections were wonderfully simple and done in a delightfully Neapolitan way i.e. strolling around the car with a clipboard, vaguely checking things off the list and asking overcharging to "repair" problem areas. When I say repair, I really mean sell a person the wrong kind of headlight bulb for twice its worth. Now, the inspectors are all about following the process, and insist on properly fixing broken headlights and slightly bald tires. What was wrong with looking the other way and charging for "new rims" that never get installed. Hydrant. In greyscale. Because.

And another gratuitous sunset shot. When life gives you sunset lemons, it's best to make photos.

Day 3 (332): 5th of November
Remember, remember. Remember to never check email or answer the phone as you are on the way out the door at the end of the day. It will inevitably mean at least another hour spent at work. Even if that hour is a good one and good things come out of it, it will be tarnished by its temporal location. As it is trying to be winter-ish time, the sun sets sooner now, which means a later depart time is a darker time. And photos look like this.

Found a pretty necklace I'd forgotten I had. Really wish I'd found it in time to wear it to the ball last w/end.

Day 4 (333): 6th of November
Once upon a Thursday, a rather charming young lady rocked the house. Or at least the office. Nothing like great tunes and halfway productive days to put one in a good mood. Add to that the prospect of being on leave and you have yourself a giddy gal. Why then, does she take photos of Naples rubbish? Who knows.

My landlords chopped down this nice old tree nearby. Rather sad, now I look at it.

Day 5 (334): 7th of November
I think I again have that look about me. You know, the one that screams either "I need saving" or "I'm a troublemaker." First there was the snotty guy at customs grilling me about why on earth I'd be going voluntarily to Cardiff when there was a perfectly good NFL game attracting all the Americans to London. Now, I love a good NFL match as much as the next gal, but I've better things to do. Then the gal at reception of my hotel in Cardiff kept asking me about how many people would be in my room (how many times do I have to say "just me, thanks"?) and pointing out that the hotel locks the front door at 2300, so I'd have to buzz to get in. Must have put on my Worldly Trollop face this morning. That said, I could ride a train through the Welsh countryside for days. So lovely.

Artsy rail tracks from the hotel window.

Day 6 (335): 8th of November
Bonus round of awesome. Both Nerdy Things and Rugby Things in one day? I win. Met more cool people, got soaked by the rain in Wales, then got to see the season opener as Wales lost to Australia. Tough loss, but a good, close game, which is my favourite kind. And the seats were fantastic. And the drunk Welsh boys sitting to the left were in good spirits. They insisted on trooping off to the Great Western (a pub conveniently across the road from my hotel), where much merriment was had. See? Rugby fans are the best; even when their team loses, they still have fun.

Love this sport. Love playing it. Love watching it. Especially love watching professionals do it. No tubbos on these teams.

Nope. No pads, no flabs. All power.

Tried for a few action shots, but this was the best one (i.e. least blurry).

Ahh Cardiff. So lovely when you want to be.

Day 7 (336): 9th of November
Remembrance Sunday. Also the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Also the 10th anniversary of my signing my life away to Uncle Sam. Never really put the Berlin Wall bit with my enlistment date. How selfish. I even remember the fall. Odd, as I was all of a month shy of the ripe young age of six, but I remember the news footage. Strange the things we recall, no? Was enjoying a latte (sorry, Italy, I have to do it when I can) when the premises went silent for two minutes at 1100. Kind of moving thing. Was surprised that there weren't more people wearing poppies. Hell, I've been wearing one since I arrived in the UK on Friday. Had a nice walkabout in town and found some nice shots.

Statue of an old dead guy. A staple of European cities.

Had some fun at a fountain. Am quite proud of how this one turned out.

This one, too. Not that water is a hard thing to photograph, but I don't always get it right.

And in honour of Remembrance, a lovely poppy tree art thing near the stadium.

Honestly, why does Cardiff get such a bad rap? I could have a good time here anytime. I'll have more tomorrow as well, if you don't mind. 

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