Sunday, 30 November 2014

Week Fifty-One: Thank Goodness

Winding down on the 365 Project. Life is all about positives and negatives. And the occasional neutral. Generally, I like the neutrals, but I'm not averse to moaning and complaining about things I cannot control or change (blame it on the celtic blood). This week I'd like to at least attempt to focus on the things for which I am thankful. Firstly, progress on my charity: water campaign. Secondly, the simplicity of my life.

Day 1 (351): 24th of November
Well, it's been a while since the last time I had a Monday that was so incredibly Monday. Started the day by not noticing that I'd forgotten my boots until I'd been at work for a while. This caused a decision point: take an hour out of my morning to go home and collect said footwear (and in so doing lose the prime parking location), or spend about $80 and buy a new pair (and deal with the New Boot Effect all day). Three guesses which one I chose. Hint: it's the second option. Because as Scottish as I am about money, sometimes the laziness bloody mindedness work ethic wins out. Also forgot my tea tin, but thankfully had a backup stash. Then got loads of taskers, and one of them requires counting up "man-years" for FY14 and projecting "man-years" for FY15, FY16, and FY17. What happened to the man-hour? What exactly is a "man-year" anyhow? Apparently for a civilian it is 1880 hours. For us poor fools in the military, it is something rather larger. But why cannot we just use a calculation that requires less mathematic prowess? What am I thankful for today? Let's see. Tomorrow is Tuesday (i.e. not Monday), so I'm thankful for that.

Day 2 (352): 25th of November
My official, government-issued mobile phone was pickpocketed (along with a bunch of cash) when I was in London last, and in order to get it sorted, I have to file a police report with the local security. Seems so counter-intuitive, as the event happened in another country, and there is nothing to be done for it. But we do need our paperwork, I suppose. Today I'm thankful for books. The stories I've read in the last three decades or thereabouts have made me the person I am today (for better or for worse).

Day 3 (353): 26th of November
Haven't yet brought it up, but while I was on the boat last week, a castle was constructed around my desk in the office. It still stands and has been given the name Castle Carruth after the ancestral beginning of the Crothers line. Not that there was ever a real Castle Carruth, but it is a nice idea. The thing will have to come down eventually, as part of the structure is made of boxes of printer paper. There have been mumblings about getting a photo taken and maybe taking it down sooner. I hate to destroy something constructed out of creative inspiration, but may be overruled. Today I am thankful for great storms. Leaving early to go watch a reenlistment, I drove into a great torrent and watched through the windows of the event as the sky tried to wash away the sins of the world (quite a task). The aftermath of storms in old volcanoes is pretty neat.

Yup. Another rose. This one at Carney Park.

After the big, mad, torrential storm...

And when one takes the wrong on ramp, sometimes one has to go a really long way round. But it makes for a nice sunset view.

Day 4 (354): 27th of November
A lovely Thanksgiving day. No internet, thanks to the storm yesterday. Love the cyclical nature of my life. Thankful for excuses to eat massive amounts of food with no one judging (just comparing quantities consumed). Thankful for the idea (and memory) of watching football whilst digesting (games all start rather late here... silly time difference). Thankful for lovely chats with parental units (sorry for calling at 0730 local...). Also thankful for this scenery.

This as well.

Day 5 (355): 28th of November
What I'm not thankful for: Black Friday when I need to use the public WiFi. And when the place is crammed with people who don't speak English but feel free to take advantage of lax NEX entry policies to fill their bags with as much discounted merch as possible. Am definitely thankful for quick responses from landlords (a rarity, I must say) who bring Telecom guys to poke around and chat on phones and come to the conclusion that the problem is the ADSL line as a whole. Such a delight to come down from my shower to find such a sight. Even better is when Telecom guys say "una settimana" until it is fixed, but then landlords make faces and exasperated noises and Telecom guys say "due, tre giorni, maximo." In a strange way, am a little thankful for this little guy, except when he is high maintenance and requires assistance in refraining from eating his own leg.

Also thankful for roses.

Day 6 (356): 29th of November
Also not thankful for the phrase "that's just the cat's meow." Unless, that is, the phrase is being used to express the sending of one on a massive guilt trip. But even then, all I think of anymore as regards a cat's meow is the godawful little gutteral noises that come from a cat in pain (or just fed up and feeling needy). Guh. But this is the week for positive things, so I'm thankful for rain that holds off until after I've finished bringing the wash in from the line.

The normal fall shot (though it's winter).

Day 7 (357): 30th of November
End of the month. End of a long w/end. Gosh, how boring is my life. Spending excessive amounts of time and energy looking after the fool feline. Probably not even doing it right, but I have to do something, and he cannot be trusted to not make things worse. Ugh. Thank goodness for Twin Peaks marathons. Though I have to say, the cat has good taste, as he keeps staring fixedly at the screen at important moments. Besides fantastic old TV shows, I'm thankful for the little details in life. The mornings we wake up fully rested (rare things, indeed), the perfect cup of tea in the morning, the spider web I didn't notice until I was editing this photo.

The little flower that blooms in the sunshine and hides in the dark.

Oh, Life. I am thankful for you. In all of your goods and others. You are a colourful beast, and never cease to entertain. And exasperate, but that's why you're you.

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