Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week Forty-Six: Fall into Things

This week brought to you by Autumn. Because it is finally here. And while I don't necessarily look forward to the onslaught of rain that is an Italian Winter, I'm so ready for a change. And for Warm Clothes Weather. Sweats and hoodies and jeans and coats.

Day 1 (316): 20th of October
Gosh I love not having anywhere in particular to be. At least not in anything like an early fashion. There is something blessedly nice about being able to meander about in the most literal sense of the word. Work will wait. Alright. Really, work will go on, but it won't be me doing it, and that is just fine. I love what I do, and most days am good with the place where I do it. The simple truth is that I know I do a good job, and those who work for me do so as well; there is no need to be there 24/7/365. Doesn't change that I'm a bit masochistic about my work, but I can be zen about things happening in my absence. Time off is not a bad thing (when timed appropriately). I seem to have a thing for patterny building facades.

Today I stood on a corner taking pictures of many things. Such as this.

And in black and white.

And this. So v London.

All so that I could sneakily photograph this without looking too fansessive. But honestly.

Final shot looks rather like one from last week. Probably because it was taken from the same vantage at the same train platform (Blackfriars). Just a different time of day.

Day 2 (317): 21st of October
Rather a strange day. Some people in Life are rather skilled at putting everyone around them in a strange mood. Particularly when all parties are forced to spend their time in close proximity. The Dark Side is strong with them. Thus the odd photos. Not sure at all about this.

Not sure about this, either.

Day 3 (318): 22nd of October
Wednesdays are lovely. Work actually tends to get done, thanks to the generally uninterrupted time spent in the presence of said Work. Found some rather entertaining entries on one of the few Tumblr things I read. A Political Science student at Tulane summarised his or her thesis as "Democrats and Republicans agree that they hate each other, disagree on everything else." Could not have put it better myself. Gets to the heart of why I dislike all political parties. Today I give you My Gertie. Mostly I give you my repair jobs on Gertie. The passenger window is busted and I've not taken the time to take apart the door and fix it, so gaffer's tape is the answer. As it is to much of Life.

Life's other great tool is electrical tape. Useful for holding closed glove compartments that no longer close themselves. How classy am I?

Here. This is a bit less unsettling.

Day 4 (319): 23rd of October
Who does this? Going from Sticky Hot all the time to really Rather Chilly at night is a desert move. Not to be confused with a night move. Italy isn't so much Fan Central for the Silver Bullet Band. All that said, when I walked out of the building today I got really rather excited, because it finally smells like fall. There is a smell (you probably know it) that is difficult to describe, but is just so autumn it makes me smile. This is Vesuvius in Autumn Light.

This is the worst airline in Europe. To be avoided at all costs.

Day 5 (320): 24th of October
A few more entries on that silly Tumblr I mentioned before. From another PoliSci student, this time at American University submits, "Literally every single study done in this field is held together by spit and the prayer that nobody looks too deeply into their methods." And in a similar theme: "Global network infrastructures are held together by duct tape, spit, and prayers," says a Computer Science student at Harvard. Got to hear the song "St. Elmo's Fire" on the way home. God I love the 80s. Also love days where the photos need zero editing (except a bit of a crop in this case).

No edits needed here at all. Autumn sunsets.

Honestly. I love it.

Day 6 (321): 25th of October
Bless the soul who invented Whiskey Fudge. Dawn is lovely. One of the perks of getting up in the early hours.

Like yesterday's shot. This time taken early in the day.

Day 7 (322): 26th of October
Final to take today. Must do that. Will take many hours. Morning shots again, in order to get this done before tucking in to schoolwork.

Morning dandy, but with no dew.

Closing with more entertaining summaries of thesis work. So glad I don't have to write a thesis.
Socrates is bad at inducing moral growth and I don't want him or any characters from The Tempest at my birthday party. -Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago
Twilight was a really bad book. -English Literature, University of York.
Plato was a bad influence. -Epistemology and clinical psych, Hampshire College.
What if, like, adding one hair to a bald man's dome could make him immediately not bald, but we could just never know? -Philosophy, Vassar College

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