Sunday, 12 October 2014

Week Forty-Four: Keep it Simple

When things get excessively complicated and seem to be ready to take over, I often find it is easiest to merely force a simplification of matters. Sometimes that means sliding out of the picture and into the shadows, and sometimes it means just going at things one small chunk at a time. Like a wee bird who has a lovely kind mum chopping up his food into easily consumable bites. Though how she holds the knife I'm not sure. The paper due at the close of this week might have been better handled if such a philosophy had been applied. The small chunks of things, not the chopped up bird food. No matter. Things get done by hook or by crook. And photos get taken. I opted to feature one object against one piece of construction paper, and then give each the shadow treatment.

Day 1 (302): 6th of October
Another Manic Monday. Don't really wish it were Sunday. Sunday's just the day before Monday. And lately that means Homework Day. Also Blog Day, but that's hardly a chore. Right. To the photos. Or rather the photo. Can it be plural if I use two versions of the same photo? I do like the yellow on purple combination, but didn't really get the angle I wanted on the light. Probably could have gotten an external light to balance it, but wanted to use natural light this time, and it was evening when I was shooting.

Went rather dark on this, and I really like it. Makes the Pac-Man look all horror film-ish.

Day 2 (303): 7th of October
Another evening light shot, this time a candle on yellow paper. One of these days I'll sort out the lighting of white things. Always goes a bit shiny when I have a lot of light. Probably a simple solution. Must look into it.

Surprisingly, the light colour on light colour went black and white rather nicely. Except for the excess shiny on the candle.

Day 3 (304): 8th of October
Not sure about today. Went home via the dodgier route, and randomly decided to throw in the Black Hawk Down soundtrack (have been in a throwback music mode lately). Was cranking it as I blew around a curve by a bunch of local Somalis, and as I looked back at them I felt a tiny bit odd. Not that they had anything to do with those events; these kids are maybe 25. But I've no idea what the foreign language songs on that CD are saying, so I just hope it wasn't anything obscene. So this is a knife I recently added to the collection. Dragon Cycle!

Kind of an odd black and white here. Probably went too heavy on the vignette. And the TiltShift. Ah well.

Day 4 (305): 9th of October
Whatever will the future bring. Will this thing I have to do happen the way it should? Will I finish my paper in time? It is due Sunday and I've done little more than research for it. Magic Eight Ball says "Most Likely." I'll take that as a yes. Must photoshop out the sticky residue from the label I affixed that reads "Do Not Shake Me." Why do people always shake the Eight Ball?

Really like the way this one went greyscale. Less heavy on the vignette this time.

Day 5 (306): 10th of October
A blessed Day Off. And after last night, all I can say is Thank Goodness for odd holidays based on controversial historical figures. Spending most of this w/end doing homework and writing a paper I've procrastinated too much. Means I don't get to go to Stockholm with my friends. I suck at things. Like getting the wind to not blow at inopportune moments whilst I photograph things. This mask was a gift from by best friend in elementary school. She gave it to me in the fourth grade (or thereabouts). We're no longer really friends, but the mask is lovely and has some nice memories associated with it. Funny how that happens with friends.

Again in the black and white / greyscale. And again with the vignette. Not too heavy with this one.

Day 6 (307): 11th of October
Another day. Another go at the homework. Tried to go in to the office to get it done, but after taking the wrong way / long way (thanks, autopilot) I got out of my car and halfway up to the office before realising I'd left my access badge. Well done, Rodeo. Decided to sit in the car and read for a bit before getting back on the road. Brain Death is a grand thing. So is my Mars necklace on black paper.

Let the barest hint of red come through the black and white and I think it gives it a neat look.

Day 7 (308): 12th of October
The fact that this is listed as day 300 makes me think I've mis-numbered a few times along the way and am now all wrong. Seems between now and 9th December there are fewer than 65 days, but short going back through each day and fixing it, there is little to be done at this juncture. So I give you my regression to grade school and my attempt to safely use scissors and freestyle cut out zeroes. Thought about using the halves of my morning bagel as the zeroes, but my stomach had other ideas. Thus is the small butter smear on the top of the three. You'd probably not have noticed it had I not said anything, but there we are.

Went a bit mad with the vignette level, but the whole photo looks a bit less insane in greyscale.  

And because I am incapable of just leaving well enough alone and letting a thing be a thing, I give you a strangely composed, hastily shot, oddly edited photo of a blossom on the lemon tree.

Bit of a round-ish theme again this week, but done in rather a more useful (photographically speaking) manner. 

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