Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week Twenty-Seven: Once Upon a Mountain

One upon a mountain, a gallant young Naval Officer spent the majority of a week teaching a course in Bavaria. Despite the somewhat long days and long walks to and from the class location, it was a highly restorative week. Teaching something she enjoys to people genuinely interested to learn is such a rewarding experience. Here's hoping more of these trips are in her future. The world needs our hero(ine). International liaising and things, you know...

Day 1 (183): 9th of June
First day of the class and I'm seriously questioning my sanity in climbing the bloody mountain on Saturday. Between the twenty minute walk from the hotel and the lack of air conditioning in the classroom, my back was rather cross after the first hour of instruction. The only recourse was to go back to the hotel after the rest of the lectures, drug up and pass out. Gosh I'm a wimp.

But the flowers were so pretty...

Day 2 (184): 10th of June
There is something about Bavaria that makes me feel as though I've stumbled across a film set in progress. I keep looking for the camera crew that must certainly be just out of sight. It's the sort of place where one can hear actual cowbells on actual cows. Walking to the base in the morning was celebrated with a soundtrack like a metallic waterfall. One might think there was a stampede imminent, but the constant racket is just from grazing calmly on a hillside. Who knew. My breakfasts with bacon and Michael Jackson (on the radio-thanks, German rock station) are followed by strolls through landscape out of some famous painter's daydreams. I can suffer through this as long as I am needed. Even with the churchbells every fifteen minutes.

Honestly. Look at the scenery.

Really, just look. Like a set. You can really find parts of O-gau that exist completely in monochrome. Totally bizarre.

Day 3 (185): 11th of June
As one walks through the lanes of this quaint little haven for nature and dirndls, one may feel as though one is viewing candidates for high honours at the Chelsea Flower Show. The amount of effort put into the average garden is truly impressive. Maybe it is just for show and to keep the whole Bavaria picture going, but any rate, it is marvellous and distracting enough to cause fits of clumsiness. What is this odd thing? The whole bush together is amazing, but I've no idea what to call the clawy flowery thing.

Even the weedy bits draw the eye. These are the tiniest little daisy things I've ever seen. Each face is the size of a dime.

Day 4 (186): 12th of June
Damn, I have to leave too soon. Our heroine (yes, there's a heroine... do keep up) has so much left to do, but alas the call of duty rings ever true. So many more meals to conquer and beers to sample. So many more mountains to ... erm... well... observe from a safe distance or from a nice gondola. But in the meanwhilst, there is this little guy.

And this view. Really rubbish, eh?

It is hard to take good photos of people's gardens without looking dodgy. But Lupins!!

Day 5 (187): 13th of June
Last night's storm ought to have made the pollen in the air go away, but the flora around here seems to have taken the rain as a cue to produce more of the sneeze-inducing stuff. The other result was a simply gorgeous morning with low clouds rolling over the mountain and the colours even more vibrant than before. Best part about summer is that the sun is already high in the sky by 0600. In this case, that is also the time that the previously mentioned bells in the Catholic church a block away give the village a wake up call. Probably something the locals don't even notice any longer. Like the trains that crash through my grandparents' tiny town several times a day. Back in Naples, it is time for more fireworks. Must learn to take better fireworks photos.

But the full moon looks rather neat through the misty clouds.

Day 6 (188): 14th of June
Another Saturday back in Naples. But someone else is cooking dinner and all I have to do is arrive and be my oh so charming self and drink Pimms. Shame about the view though...

Not sure what to say about this. Just, well, Naples (OK, Pozzuoli).

Day 7 (189): 15th of June
Happy Father's Day! Apparently Italy did well in some soccer-related international event. It certainly explains the wallpapering of the Naples region with Italian flags and the fireworks in excess even by Neapolitan standards. Any rate, it is getting late and my internet is lame. Here is a lemon from my tree.

With that, the travels of our intrepid protagonist come to a close (for now). We'll see you again next time. 

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