Monday, 12 May 2014

Week Twenty-Two: Come, Josephine

This week was generally all good things. Across the spectrum. Aced a test, got some sun, had fun. Took photos of static display airplanes every day, except when I did not. One day there were flying trucks. Really. Check them out.

Day 1 (148): 5th of May
Both Cinco De Mayo and Revenge of the Fifth. I realise now that I failed to say anything about yesterday being Star Wars Day. Really the fault of that rubbish travel bother yesterday. Ah well. Hardly diminishes my level of nerd. I had forgotten the vagaries of VaBeach weather, but the past few days and the expectations for the rest of the week are a stark reminder. Spring in this area can be dreary and rainy and gloomy one day, then hot and humid the next. Despite the less than gorgeous day, went out to snap some photos outside, and decided the result needed some oldification to compensate for the poor light conditions (and because it is an older plane).

In case you are curious about the way a traveling naval officer lives, here's the startlingly comfy bed. Not necessarily the standard, as some quarters seem to want to mimic ship life...

Day 2 (149): 6th of May
Had our test this morning, and despite the two point five hour time limit, I finished in about forty. And that included a few minutes to make sure it was mostly legible. Thankfully my quickness meant that we had time to go get v sophisticated brunch by sampling the phenomenon of the Waffle Taco. Judge away, but it was really not terrible. Asked for bacon and got sausage, but was still not terrible. Also they made us wait so long they threw in an extra hash brown and some cinna-thingies. Perhaps should feel bad, but when in Rome...(or America...)

Better in BW??? Better yet in the belly.

And to continue the theme of planes... One of my better reflected self portraits.

Day 3 (150): 7th of May
Well, because no one in the class failed (and I got a perfect score...humble brag? Naw, just brag), we had a get together at one of my old stomping grounds last night. Was quite a fun time, and this time there were no rescue ops for guys too drunk to walk and generally no youthful shenanigans. Though Keagan's is an Irish pub, so shenanigans would not be the strangest thing. Although I only had a minor amount of alcohol, I did eat the dickins out of some fish n' chips and a foodgasm called fried cookie dough (with ice cream). Still get a shiver remembering it.... but here is another oldified plane.

And a nice little birdie.

And I may not know the muffin man, but I know where he works - the NAS Oceana Commissary. He makes magical pistachio muffins... I just had to share. Not the muffin, mind you. Just the fact of its existence.

Day 4 (151): 8th of May
This morning was startlingly (though no surprisingly) hot and humid. But the first thing I saw outside was the tree below. Really drives home the difference in schedule, since as mentioned I leave for work in Italy before the sun comes up. Here, it is well into the sky before we head out.

On a walkabout in the lovely afternoon / evening. Love the light this time of day.

This poor fellow has been in a state of being disassembled for a few days. Johnny Five would not be amused.

Pretty tree with pretty sun. Hardly touched this one...

Day 5 (152): 9th of May
Another early release day and another lovely (if hot and humid) day. Almost forgot to get my piccies, but as we were leaving base to go eat AYCE sushi (mmmmmmmm), I pulled over quick and snapped this gazebo / smoke shack. Realise that I got too quick and didn't center the thing...

Have always enjoyed poking fun at the F-14 Tomcat (especially around those who used to fly it). Thus the photo of one's backside, but the focus of the photo is on the little picnic table...

Day 6 (153): 10th of May
Last w/end was so busy, this one will be decidedly lower stress. Early morning visit to the gym, out to the beach to check out the lovely day and the Monster Trucks, evening out with an old friend. What's not to like? And I met this charming fellow outside the gym.

I love Monster Truck / Drag Race people. So v America.

Same thing but from the front.

Day 7 (154): 11th of May
Happy Mother's Day!!! I've got the best one, so just be aware of that fact. You may think yours is better, but studies have shown mine is the tops. No car today, but that did not stop the fun. Took a Canadian classmate to the Monsters on the Beach, because why not? Who doesn't love Monster trucks? They are great for building international partnerships. The brilliant automotive carnage was followed by beer and hot wings, to really solidify the American Experience. Took about two million photos, so choosing the below was v hard. Still a lot more than usual, but I narrowed it down to a handful. First to set the scene.

And another. Classic SEALs... Checking out the Monster Trucks from the air.

There were ATV races as well.

All the flying machines (different from the others pictured above) were incredible.

Though sometimes it ended badly. A Delorean this is not...

Mostly it was just brilliant. I wanted a shot of the massive dirt being kicked up by trucks doing donuts, but had to draw the line somewhere.

And there was a tank that turned into a dinosaur that ate a car and shot fire from its gob.

Yes, do come, Josephine. This is the best flying machine.

A bit cheeky this week. Really don't know where it came from. I've certainly never been cheeky before. I'm usually such a pragmatic and rational gal...

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