Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week Twenty-Four: Caesar of Flowers?

Thank goodness for the invention of the four-day work week. After all that exhausting travel and three weeks of arduous six-hour class days, I don't think I could handle five whole days. So there are lots of flowers herein, but if you get to the bottom, there is much Roman things to see. And they even came out not too terrible. Hip Hip!

Day 1 (162): 19th of May
Still no internet. Ok, there is internet. I just cannot access it. Honestly. Probably fine, though. Has made me go on a Shakespeare binge of the filmic variety. Have plenty to go round, too. Should at least take me to the w/end. Joss Wheedon's Much Ado was last night. Gosh that thing is brilliant. So beautiful and Wheedon-y and honest and lovely. And I really enjoy that particular play. Tonite I shall start The Hollow Crown, which is a BBC do of Richard II, Henry IV (Parts I and II), and Henry V. Lots of brilliance in those as well. All Whishaw and Stewart (Sir), and Irons and Hiddleston. And before you judge (for that), I've read all of the above, so I'm not totally ignorant of the plays themselves. Have even seen the Henry ones and Much Ado (among others) performed in proper theatres. On that note, check out this sky.

Oh and this my neighbour's vineyard. Finally got a half decent shot of it (usually my timing is awful).

Day 2 (163): 20th of May
Sorry. Was Madly Distracted by Shakespearean versions of Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russel Beale (best Falstaff ever). Could watch Henry IV on a loop. And that is just Part I. Not sure if my eye-parts can handle any more. Just have to carry on, eh? Oh, here's a photo. It is rather pink.

So is this.

This fool rose got put through the edit wringer, getting temperature changed here and vignetted there. But of all the versions, I like this the best.

Day 3 (164): 21st of May
Pulled the trigger on going to Rome for the long w/end. Haven't been in about a year, and last time I didn't have the camera (or the blog to motivate the picture taking). Four days should get me some relaxation (and some internet...grrrr) and some good photos. I think the fact that this thing is still going at all after 24 weeks is a miracle, so I suppose having a few down weeks with muse-y dystrophy is not so bizarre. At least that is what I shall continue to tell myself. Till it is resolved, this is on a tree.

This is not. Not sure I like it all that  much. Ah well.

Day 4 (165): 22nd of May
Today, as I watched a packet from some iodised salt float gracefully on the air from a floor vent, I realised firstly that I'd gone a bit mad, and secondly that all I've done lately is take really rather boring photos of flowers. Mostly in my garden. Really don't want to become one of those people. How dreadful. Turning into something one despises... guh. At least I don't take staged shots with gleaming water droplets... So here is Merry. Yes, I flipped the photo, but it is more fun this way. He looks like Garfield.

These smell really lovely. Not sure they look lovely...

Day 5 (166): 23rd of May
What to do with oneself on a day off? Hmm. Let me see. One could be awfully energetic and work out. Ok, but only for a bit. Watch a bit of a film purchased in the impulse buy section? Good idea. Who is this Veronica Mars cat? Oh, there was a show? Ah. That explains it. Meh. Trains need catching. And apparently busses to train stations need to be sat upon for 35 minutes while drivers wait and pack as many people as physically possible onboard. Never change, Napoli. Really must learn to get a map when in a city have not visited in a long time. I'm sure my memory of the Google Maps I checked yesterday is good and my hotel is just near... Isn't it fun to read someone's internal monologue written down a few hours after it happened? Salve your aching brain with this photo of... wait for it.

FLOWERS?? REALLY?? You get completely the eff out of town and still... Ok, here's a not flowers. I found Gay Street (that is what it's called! There was a sign and everything!) Gosh I'm not good at street shots...

Day 6 (167): 24th of May
So there's this place called Rome. It is in Italy. Maybe you've heard tell of such a place? Well I'm here to tell ye lads and lasses it is no fairy tale. Ok, maybe a little bit of a fairy tale, but largely it is a real place. Full of people and everything. And one or two frightfully (frighteningly?) historical places. Like this one. Maybe it looks familiar?

And this one.

Oh, and mustn't forget this one. Things happened here. Rather a long time ago, but still.

Oh. More ruins. How Roman.

Sorry, I've a thing for poppies. Not sure why.

How Neverending Story is this??

Omigosh! A fountain! Swear I saw this in Vegas... they made another all the way out here? Wow.

Huzzah! A church.

Oh actually this one is kinda cool.

Day 7 (168): 25th of May
I do try to not get all serious for the most part (I'll pause whilst you remove your chin from the floor). But there is a little something about Memorial Day that really rather sings a true sort of tune. Does that sound silly? Probably. But I've lost important people to war things and have watched friends go through the same thing. It is no fun (yep, get that chin again). But it really means something to donate even a small thought to those who decided to put their lives on the line rather than take the safe, easy route of living a life at home. Not to discredit those who live that life at home. It gives those of us serving something to protect. A purpose. Hmm. Sounds a bit empty like that, but I mean it. Thoughts don't bring back the dead. But thoughts do provide a tiny bit more meaning to the lives lived. On that uplifting thought, I give you more of Rome. A place that knows a thing or two about loss. Get it? They rose and fell, the Romans. Sorry, too soon? To the Vatican! No, wait. This isn't a comic book. Hmm, shall we see the museums? Why certainly we shall!

I dug this guy, Not sure why. There certainly is rather a lot of this sort of thing in the Vatican Museums. Took two hours and change to see the whole thing (whilst being shepherded through like so much livestock).

Did you know it was cool to posh up all the ceilings? Not just the Sistine (sorry, no pics of that - "novideo, nofoto," sayeth the nice young men in uniforms). Though the Chapel itself was more gobsmacking than I was anticipating. Not like in the books. Nossir. This ceiling is in a hall of the most gorgeous maps I've seen anywhere.

Saw my first live in person Van Gogh. Holy Wow. That guy could paint.

This guy not so much (whoever he is...). I could totally draw a white circle on black. Though he did paint a rather talented if funny looking photographer in the middle. That might be beyond my talents. Just a tad.

Went to St. Pete's to check out the Basilica, but didn't feel like another run through the cattle chutes for hours on end. But checked out the square. Neat place.

So yes. Lots of flowers and lots of Rome. Some pretty successful shots despite the boring subject matter (not you, Roma. You were lovely). Gosh I'm hungry.

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