Sunday, 18 May 2014

Week Twenty-three: Roy G.

I remember an episode of what I think was Bill Nye, but for all I know it could have been Beakman's World. Either way, the episode was my first introduction to the way the rainbow works and how to remember the order of the colours. As part of photography is closely tied to colours (can't think why), I wanted to pay homage to the nice bow of rain.

Day 1 (155): 12th of May
Red. A great colour. Some of my hair is red. Sort of. Especially when I get a bit cross. Which is hardly ever, really. Losing one's temper is so, well, unnecessary. Other good things that are red...hmmm. Roses, fezzes, some kinds of curry. Mmmmm... curry... Right. Oh of course. Stop signs.

And apparently some little pickups. This one was a bit tricky to get just  right.

Day 2 (156): 13th of May
Orange. Like the fool cats. And some of the more unfortunate Gingers out there. I rather compare it to my spinal pain level after several hours of marching up and down metal stairs on a day when Beelzebub was in control of the weather, on a big flat-topped boat. I've never seen one of them before. Oh, sorry, sarcasm doesn't really show through in type. If you've met me you'll know I'm rarely not sarcastic, so if there is a question, just presume on the snarky side. Nearly missed my chance to take a photo as it got late, and there was not an orange car to be found. Though in retrospect that's a good thing. Orange is no colour for a car. But there is this. Thanks, Taco Bell.

Day 3 (157): 14th of May
Yellow. Oh good, we are starting each day with a single word. How v creative. Not at all lazy. For weeks there has been a horrid yellow Charger with an awful bumble bee on the side. But on the day I want to take its photo, it of course vanishes. Went on a great sojourn to find other yellows (as I've given up on the Colours of Cars idea I started with). Found a nice hydrant.

And a nice "don't kill pedestrians" sign. Considering I was a pedestrian as I took the shot in the middle of the street, I was glad for its existence.

Day 4 (158): 15th of May
Green. My, my. Wherever will I find something green. I miss the kind of green that abounds here. Doesn't mean I actually like it here. Nope, just the trees. Except the ones that spew cotton at me and make my allergies go mad. Fabric of our lives my foot. Though I do rather like cotton when it is processed and made into shirts. Stumbled upon a grand hunter green Mustang all kitted out to look absurd. And it was in front of trees. How nice.

Then of course there were the bushes. This one was fun.

Day 5 (159): 16th of May
Blue. Ahhh. Blue. Glorious blue. My eyes are blue. Rather a boring version of blue, but blue nonetheless. I also own rather a lot of blue things. Like TARDIS toys and assorted paraphernalia. And jeans. Lots of jeans. But I also have a windbreaker, which got simply soaked when I went out in a monsoon to take some photos of the stormy beach. Apparently windbreaker is not the same as rainbreaker.

Here is the stormy beach. Took lots of photos, but won't waste your eyes on them just now. Not a terribly blue day for the ocean.

And once it cleared up, I could tell that my rental car is indeed quite blue.

And really rather reflecty. I see now that this is rather less of a blue shot.

Day 6 (160): 17th of May
Indigo. What the devil is indigo. Once this week got along, I realised I had no idea what made indigo something other than blue. Besides of course a word that precedes Girls. Turns out I should have researched the difference earlier. Yesterday I was apparently looking at indigo as well as blue. World = shattered. So today I guess I'll be looking for more of the same. Between the two days I'll surely cover the blues. Typical. Bloody colours. Bloody EM spectrum. Got to catch a plane, too. So here is the solution. I have a keyboard protector that is well worn, but still sort of blue / indigo / whatever.

And the sky was a lovely bluey of some description. With a nice bird.

Day 7 (161): 18th of May
Violet. Also known as Purple. Like royal things and Joint things, and little old ladies. I quite like purple, but it turns out I own rather little purple. Also turns out that my landlord wanted to play one more trick on me (it has been a while, so I suppose I am due). They rejiggered the internet at the villa so I've my own ADSL line, but did not leave me the info to set up the fool thing, or how I am supposed to receive the bill / pay the bill (details, I know). So off I trundle to the NEX to borrow WiFi. And after a rather long time on planes and in airports. Boo. But there were rather pretty thistle plants to satisfy the purple for the day.

See? Pretty Purple.

Also took a shot of these poppies, because it is my blog and I'll do as I please.

Back in Naples now. Internet I cannot access and a water heater that won't quit sounding on the verge of nuclear meltdown. So nice to be home. Oh, and I like colours. And traffic lights. But only when they're green.

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