Sunday, 20 July 2014

Week Thirty-Two: Ancestral Musings

Pardon me while I wax mildly poetic about the joys of coming home. Cliché? Probably. But there's a reason for that. Living overseas and experiencing Europe in all its Europeanness is marvellous. However, part of me will always long for the quiet life in the country. Check it out. You'll see just how nice it is. Not just in the shadows of my mind. Nope. It really is quite lovely.

Day 1 (218): 14th of July
Ahhhh. The peace of mornings in farm country. The only sounds that waft in the window are birds, horses, and the occasional ATV carrying a farmer out to his irrigation systems. And with an early view like this, why wouldn't you want to live here?

The sunrise over rural fields of lovely is something my person yearns to see. Isn't it nice?

Even in the afternoon, and despite the smoky hazy sky, there is really something special about fields of corn and a summer day.

Day 2 (219): 15th of July
All you can eat. Those are the four little words this gal loves to hear. Especially when the next word is sushi. Do I take it as a challenge? Of course. But then again, that's all part of why sushi can only be consumed in the presence of people who will not judge me, or at least those whose judgement matters not. Best friends are good like that. They love you for what you are (or in spite of it). Mine is the best one I could ask for. This four-legged one loves me for what I am as well. And the feeling is mutual. We've been together for nearly twenty years, and he's as lovely as the day we met.

Yup. Definitely a love of the ages.

How could one not love a face like this?

Day 3 (220): 16th of July
Much can be said for being a layabout. And for fancy sectionals that have electric reclining end bits. Not having anything in particular that needs to be done is a grand distraction. Gives one a chance to just decompress. See? I told you there would be some waxy poetry going on. Have a tendency to get that way about the land I call home. One day, I'll have my own land and live this way all the time. Not the lazy part, but rather the rural simplicity part.

Much like the family pooch, my present freedom makes me do this. Ok, really just inside, being as how I'm not that nimble yet. But still...

Day 4 (221): 17th of July
There have been so many fires in the area lately that the smoke just fills the sky. Last year was worse; the valley got so smoky that a sweeping recommendation was issued to stay indoors. Going outside was a recipe for coughing and spluttering and generally feeling as though one was inside a cloud of smoke (probably because one was just that). Doesn't stop the goings on of life in the country, though. Hay must still be baled.

Grounds work must be worked. Check out the lovely house on the hill (it's not mine).

This is the valley west of home. Ain't she purdy? So much smoke. Drove out to the lake nearby, but the pics didn't come out at all well, and I wasn't really dressed for clambering through the underbrush to get better ones.

Day 5 (222): 18th of July
A different view of the area for you today. Nearby the old stomping grounds, one can find the mighty capitol building. Yes, the traffic lights are in the shot, but it's hard to take photos whilst in traffic unless one is at a stop. Such a lovely downtown area, Boise is. Pretty safe and peaceful. But then again it is only a city of nearly a quarter of a million people or so.

Even more my old stomping grounds. For three years of my youth, I saw this fool building every day (during the school year, and only on weekdays, so really not every day).

Little claim to fame here is that this little place was once on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (and it fed me more than a few times as a metabolistic teenager). West Side Drive-in. Can you feel the grease?

Day 6 (223): 19th of July
I have to tell you, Dear Reader, how incredible this part of the country is. A dead car meant that stranded grandparents had to be driven back to their wee town (a bustling metropolis of 1500 people) two hours away, but that afforded me the chance to zen out to 40s music on a long drive through gorgeous scenery. All formed by glaciers and covered in lava rocks, there are places where one can see that a massive lake used to be the defining geographic feature. High, flat topped hills hint at the former shoreline, and the lumpy rocky sage-covered surrounds were clearly the rolling bottom of said lake. Totally forgot my camera on the trip, but got this shot before we left. So handsome.

And this as well. Really. Just look at him.

But I did have my silly phone, so all you get is an iPhoneto that I took blindly from the side of the road (it was v sunny). Check out the wind farm in the distance. There is a veritable plethora of them out in eastern Idaho these days.

Day 7 (224): 20th of July
Hmmm. What to say. Watching Farscape and being a slow-poke is a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Oh yeah, and having fresh cinnamon rolls and pineapple for breakfast. Not going to think about going back to work in a little over a week. Not going to think about it. Not going to think about it. Home is so much nicer.

So many bees in the lavender. Somewhere there's some v lovely-smelling honey being cooked up. If only I liked honey...

Be it ever so humble, no?

Yes. I do like home. Crazy, no? Such a therapeutic thing to come back to the ancestral abode for some TLC and F&B. And cano-therapy and hippo-therapy, and oh yeah some physical therapy as well. Ahhhh. Waxy poetic musings are a thing that happens. I'm really not even sorry. 

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