Sunday, 6 July 2014

Week Thirty: Rhymes with Smilight

Realised I completely missed the fact that I hit day 200 last week. One of those moments that seems momentous and deserving of celebratory social media. But really not. A quiet "good job, old girl" to myself I think is more fitting. In tune with realising that I am fully on the downslope of this madcap project (yes I'm giving it more credit than it's due), I did all my photo-taking in the waning hours of daylight. Not just sunsets, mind you (not yet ready to re-resort to that tired old trope). Just worked on getting the light right for some rather domestic outdoor-y shots. hip hip.

Day 1 (204): 30th of June
Sometimes necessity truly is the mother of things. Like invention. And ingenuity. And photo themes. Brain death led to nearly not taking photos, so I figured on keeping things dusky. Not using the other word for the end of the day because unintentionally seeing the film by that name scarred me for life. And almost ruined my region of choice (the PNW). Sparkly vampires my arse. Stroppy metal fence design agrees.

Certain Felines. V needy, this one is. I go outside and have an instant shadow.

Flowers have it too easy. They just look nice all the time.

But even weeds can look nice in the right light... no?

Day 2 (205): 1st of July
New month (again... how do these things keep happening?). No new thoughts on matters. Not yet, any rate. Life seems to require Decisions. Big Decisions (thus the big D). Decisions that seem simple in concept but terrifying in possible execution. Curse being a Grown Up.

Check out these purple things. Notice the subtle subject change.

Seriously. Badass purple things (probably weeds).

Day 3 (206): 2nd of July
This day is a turd. I've not been sleeping much this week and as such have been ignoring my string of alarms and forcing mad dashing in the first thing. At least that worked in my favour today as I knew I'd be at the Work until rather late (thanks, meeting set around the schedule of People in the States). At least that did fit with planned late evening shots. This time focused on neighbour property (they weren't there, so I was a bit less dodgy).

Vineyards everywhere.

Really everywhere.

Day 4 (207): 3rd of July
Murphy's Law still ruleth the land. Get stuck with a 12 hour watch on the day before a four-day w/end (wherein it follows everyone leaves early). And it was another of those days that lead a body to think she has become Doreen the switchboard operator. You'd think people would be wise enough to leave their silly questions until after the long w/end. Spare those of us stuck answering them. Ah well. Block checked for another month or so. Here are photos of palm trees.

Alright, really just palm tree trunks. But ooh light.

Day 5 (208): 4th of July
Feels like a Saturday. About as productive. But only if you then subtract any productivity at all. I really ought go back to carrying a notebook for all my deep and/or brilliant and/or amazing thoughts. I know I have them, but somehow when it comes time to prove it to you, Dear Internet, I come up short. All I can tell you for certain on this my home nation's birthday, is that there is officially no sexy way to get out of a hammock. If one wants to use loafing in a hammock to seduce someone, that someone best not see one get in or get out. Witnesses should only see the portion where one is doing the loafing. If a cat is capable of laughter or ironic thought, I was quite the show for one today.

Happy American Independence Day.

Or Happy July 4th, if that is more your speed.

Day 6 (209): 5th of July
Really too unmotivated to provide excess commentary on this set. My lawn is in rather desperate need of a mow (reference yesterday's photos).

Plant part. Please note cat hair from cat that walked by just before I pressed the pickle button.

Day 7 (210): 6th of July
Painted my self in a bit of a corner with this theme. Means I have to wait till late to take the last photo. Thus a late publishing of blog. Mostly because it takes so bloody long for my fool internet to upload huge photos. But I'm having a gas playing country music at great volume all day; some while I was being lazy, some while working on my Great Shit Purge of 2014 (minimal progress so far). Finally, as the sun sinks lower, the only self portrait I will risk.

Do I mean Skylight? Highlight? Lo-fi-light? Bauxite? Lite-Brite?

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