Sunday, 22 December 2013

Week Two: Tales of Wine and Roses

Shame about the theme. Pretty much all these were shot with my Fancy Camera (Olympus E-520), so there's that, I suppose. A lot of macro-y stuff and some funny light stuff. Really just some Stuff. And a good story, but you have to read through the Stuff first. Spent quite a lot of time in the garden for this week. And will likely spend more time there before we're through. Is my habitat, after all. They tell writers to write what they know, so I gather the same can be said for photography

Day 1 (8): 16th of December
Made it out in a reasonable time for once, and broke a few Naples-beater land speed records in my efforts to beat the sunset. Just wanted to try some low light outdoor shots. Alas, the local populace was having none of that, and I barely made it back before dark. Damn that sun. OK. Science. Damn that orbital pattern. In my haste to not be taking photos of darkness or silly flash-illuminated darkness, I left my fool tripod inside, so my non-blurry shots were predicated on finding a steady surface or two-elbows-plus-wide-stance human tripod (quadpod?). Then there is the not breathing while depressing the button. Not like shooting a gun, where the exhale helps. My comedy of errors/photo session only works if I momentarily become a non-breather. Even then... See for yourself.

This one, too. A bit better, but still.

Day 2 (9): 17th of December
Taking advantage of bossly guidance to not stay all hours at work, I managed to make it home whilst the sun still shone. Not high, by any means, but at least fully above the horizon. This gave me the chance to venture out into the wilds of my garden. Yes, yes. I know. Quite a racy prospect. Particularly because my landlord has not come to do the landscaping in rather a long time. If Naples were the sort of place where it gets properly wintry (snow and frost and such), that would be fine. Sadly, it doesn't get that cold and stays damp, so the grass (and weeds) continues to flourish. Enough whinging. Piccies instead. Took one of my favourite photos from last year of this same rose tree, and got what I think is another really nice one (probably in the same light as the last one). Though this year the edits are just me, and software, rather than instablamming.

I usually get annoyed at photos of dandelion fluff, but I think this came out rather neat.

Day 3 (10): 18th of December
In an attempt to spice things up a bit, I've stayed away from additional flowery shots. Rather difficult, as this whole getting home in the last hour of light means I've not many choices of places to go, besides the immediate surrounds of my little villa. "Go someplace on the way home!" I hear you thinking (or mayhaps that's just the voices in my head). Good option, but I keep forgetting to put my camera in the car, and if I ride to work, I'm even less likely to remember to put my v expensive gear in my saddlebags and risk it being burgled while in the garage. Excuses, excuses. And not v good ones. Ah well. Here's the goods. A piccie of my hammock. Tried to get a feel of disuse, as the weather's not really great for hammock lounging at the moment. Ahh hammock. We shall meet again, old friend.

And this is a photo of a snail, of which there are many slithering about the facade of my house.

Day 4 (11): 19th of December
Insomnia is a jerk. That is all. OK. Not really. Rather it is a sociopath, as it clearly delights in making me dotty and yawny. Does make the drive to and from work a bit sporty, though. Driving home, listening to Paul's Boutique for the umpteenth time in a row, I was fascinated by the smoky (normal for Napoli) evening and brilliant coming dusk. The sky was going nicely flamey and photogenic and even I ought be able to get a - ohgoodgodthisguyhasnoideahowmanywaysi'llkillhimifhedoesn'tdrivefaster. Crisis (and possible violent death) averted, and the shaky overthewheel sunset photo was not the only shot of the night. Cross cats who don't read my blog also fail to understand that in the winter, time is important in this business of snap happery. Far more important than putting food in bowls for silly strays who I don't care for. Not one bit. But OOOOOHHH. PUURRRTY! FLAAAAMMMEY! And by the way... Looking at the sun through a zoom lens is not recommended.

Bit of a cheat session, really, as who could mess up photos like this? Ah well. So.... erm..... this.

Day 5 (12): 20th of December
Friday.....When Black Friday comes I'll be on that hill? Hmmm. Friday never hesitate? No... Get em out by Friday? Not really. On this Friday night, when the feeling's all right? Close... One February Friday? Wrong month. I got it. Friday on My Mind. Who sang that, anyway? No bother. No matter. What's that got to do with anything? Not a thing. I had cake and tea for breakfast. That's how thrilling my day was. Beat that, People With Interesting Lives. But I also took some photos, and that is the whole point. One was another neat sunset, but we need some variety. So instead you get to see the landlord's family shrine Mary. She is really lovely and sort of looks like someone I knew in high school.

And for grins and giggles, some perspective/focus play. Not quite what I was going for...

Day 6 (13): 21st of December
And a classy time was had by all. Wait. That's how it ends. Ah well. There ought be a good story for that to be the case, so let's see... Once upon a time there was a charming stealth ginger who had a ticket to the symphony. To get there, she had to brave a harrowing drive into downtown Naples, one for which she paid 90 euro cents to an enchanted toll booth guarded by a gypsy. After donning her schmancy dress and girl shoes, she made her way with her faithful companion to the home of a brave prince, who was able to provide a healthy amount of boozahol and a team of guardians to accompany the ginger to see v posh music in a v posh opera house (the oldest in Europe, legends say, and also the only Burbon-era one that didn't burn down). After the delight of music, the band of misfits hunted until they found a wizard who served them some tasty pizza, more boozahol and magical rum cake that melted their brains with its sorcery. After slaying the dragon of Saturday crowds and being rewarded with still more boozahol, the merry band went their separate ways to find accommodations for their weary souls at the wee hour of 0400. See first line for closing statement. While that sinks in, here's a photo of a super-zoomed-in succulent of some variety that lives artistically in my garden.

And the Source... at least A source of boozahol. Bottle's a bit dusty.

Day 7 (14): 22nd of December
There is nothing quite so gobsmacking as learning that things have been mucking along beneath one's very own nose, and one is none the wiser. For a cynic, I certainly do see the good in people, and ignore the other. No wonder I've been long seen as the Silly Girl who doesn't get it. Really puts a crimple in one's petticoats. Harshing of mellows for certain. Gotta grow up sometime, honey. Did try to take something worth looking at, but have been in a mental block all day (and it has nothing to do with boozahol...for those at home keeping score). Saw sheep on the way home and couldn't be bothered to stop and shoot (a photo). Did take a nice sweeper of Naples as I walked to my car, but it didn't come out that well. Fought with a shot of a piece of grass for nearly half an hour, then took pictures of dirt and my neighbour's field. This is all that I feel confident enough to post. Sorry.

Bottom Line at the Bottom (BLAB?): Good on week two. Though I've sort of realised as soon as I start snapping (photos) it is hard to stop, and I've limited this to a single shot (ok really two-ish) a day, so it's a bit hard to choose. Dammit there may be a need to still use the other blog after all. Or I could just not force unwitting strangers to stumble upon my boring shots and nonsense witterings.... ah well. We'll see how energetic I get. I've just eaten a rather large thing of ravioli, so at the moment I'd rather just digest. And finish watching Sherlock. Ta.

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