Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week One: iRodeo

Firstly, so far, so good on actually taking at least one photo a day for the first week. So I suppose that means only 51 more of these. Right. Not a problem. I can do this. Perfectly simple.

Secondly, the going in game plan is to at least attempt to lump each week into a theme or category. Cannot promise that will last or always work. Am who I am and sometimes my natural state of being perfectly random will manifest. That said, here's to a game plan.

Thirdly, and more important than the above disclaimers, below is the product of the first seven days. As I've never been any good at mobile photos, I thought that would be an interesting way to begin. It admittedly also gave me an excuse to start simply, generally photographing things in my house.

Day 1: 9th of December (aka my birthday)
Almost failed right out the gate here, as I'd not taken a single photo until I was in bed, ready to sleep. What is a girl to do, but find something within arm's reach. First I tried a shot of two of my bed companions posed to look arty, but it just looked silly. Partly because a floppy rabbit in a calico dress looks odd next to a blue penguin wearing a santa hat.
Plan B was no surprise to anyone who knows me. I saw that it was after 2300 by checking the time on my TARDIS alarm clock. Thus was born this photo:

It then became this after a bit of post-production:

Day 2: 10th of December
Doing a bit of (much needed) tidying up, I went to toss my leather jacket on the back of the sofa, ostensibly to be put in the coat cupboard later. As I was in motion at the time, I completely missed the sofa, and it landed in a heap on the floor. The obvious next step was to stop tidying and find my neat hat, set it artistically on aforementioned heap of jacket and snap snap snap.

And again with the post. Sepia is fun:

Day 3: 11th of December
How to explain this without sounding absurd. Nope. Forget it. by the end of this year, I'll sound more than absurd on more than one occasion, so may as well just go. Was having tea and biscuits for supper (yes, supper) and decided it might look neat to pile up a bunch of biscuits next to some candles I keep on the kitchen table. The biscuits were very textury and oaty and nobbly and fruity, and the candles are, well, not. Hmmm. Maybe fruity, but not in the same way.

And, sorry, gratuitous editing:

Day 4: 12th of December
Had been held hostage at work by leadership that didn't want to give feedback on a task, and allowing me to close it out and be rid of it. Finally gave up when I hit the beenatworkelevenhours mark, and left in order to go home and change for a much-needed "girls night." The girls night turned out to be a long-planned surprise party which was so flattering and amazing and I didn't behave properly at it and was v bad at socialising with guests, but I spent most of the night gobsmacked that it was happening. One day I'll be better at handling that sort of thing. Maybe. Ah yes, to the photo. I've not been a real "take piccies of everything I eat" person, but this was too good not to shoot. Mouth starts watering again just looking at it and remembering...

Day 5: 13th of December (Friday the 13th...)
Stand by for nerdyness. In another fit of realising I'd almost gone off without taking a picture, I again grabbed things close at hand (downstairs this time). Thus another TARDIS. This time a USB port thingy. And Yoda. And a pineapple-shaped cookie jar (no cookies inside). So yes - I mashup-ed Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Psych. Judge away. Things're liable to get weirder before they get normaler.

Oh, yeah. Then I did this. With a mini TARDIS and a backdrop of Yoda's house. Sorry.

Day 6: 14th of December
I like Minis. Not the new ones, mind you, as they've gone all Large. I miss driving one. Mine was so nice. And Mini. I also like old photos of places. So it makes sense to put my little toy Mini in front of a photo of Old London. Juxtaposing things is fun. So is the word Juxtapose.

And a non-blurry one.

Day 7: 15th of December (Huzzah! A whole week!)
I'm a dog person. Just to put that out there. Really though, I'm an animal person, and don't do well with no four-leggedy beasties with whom I can chat and cuddle and generally co-exist. Cannot have a dog out here in Italy, as my schedule makes it not fair to the dog. Thus when I moved in last year and was met by tiny new kittens and their mum, all shivering noisily outside my door, I caved in short order. They are still strays, and live outside, but I feed and cuddle and such. They're still v much cats, though, so I'm not fooled into thinking they actually care about me, but I can pretend with the best of them. It's a use-use relationship, really. Here's one.

And the other.

A Closing Remark: Still struggling with iPhone pics. But maybe getting better-ish (?). These 365 Projects are supposed to be revealing as well as exercise-y, and I forsee this being more or less in that realm. Here's to Getting Better-ish. Here's also to Being Thirty.

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