Sunday, 14 September 2014

Week Forty: Take a Moment

I recently received the fruits of a Kickstarter I backed. Got two Moment lenses for the iPhone, one a tele and the other a wide lens. To keep things simple (much homework and teaching a class all week), I figured I'd just experiment with my new toys and post the results.

Day 1 (274): 7th of September
Busy week ahead, as it is never simple to simultaneously run a class and do a day job. Apparently someone (OK, someones, and I was one of them), dropped a ball on reporting something Friday. Not that the world ended, but everyone got a new orifice added to their person as punishment. Brings some things to light, however., besides the fact that we need to Do Better. One is that what I and mine do has a marked similarity to an important bridge; we keep things supported all the time and generally no one notices, but the one time things go awry and the bridge is less bridge-y, the spotlight shines oh so bright and we become the Biggest Failures on Earth. A second is that no one really has a clue what our hours are; I am personally in the office from 0530 until 1600 on most days (much later on others), but because things went a little bit wrong, the fingers wag about leaving early on Fridays (I wish). Right, enough whinging. Here is Photo #1 with the Moment Tele lens.

Yup, that was the cat again. Here is not the cat - Photo #2 with Moment Tele lens.

Here's another with the Tele.

Day 2 (275): 8th of September
Decent weather today demanded a little workward jaunt for Indy. Still not a grand treatment of the spine, but we are getting better, so there we are. The Tele lens does such a nice job.

Gets such great detail. Far better than the old iPhone alone.

Even makes the battery holder look cool.

Day 3 (276): 9th of September
Not even sure what to say about today. Generally Wednesday-ful in that it is a Wednesday. And random, so that was the motivation behind these Moment Tele shots. Will tackle the Wide lens soon.

Yeah. Tree trunk.

Day 4 (277): 10th of September
Gosh I love teaching. Wish I could just do this all the time. But becoming a public school teacher only sounds good in theory. And in the Navy, one cannot stay in instructor land too long, or woe be to one's chances of promotion. Soggy day, though, so soggy shots. This is the first go with the Moment Wide lens. Not quite right, I know.

Also this. Still not quite right. I may get this sorted eventually.

Back to the Tele lens for this. Look! Drips!

Day 5 (278): 11th of September
Am so very losing track of things that I did not realise it was today till well into today when someone mentioned a remembrance / memorial ceremony for 11 September 2001. How silly. Of course I knew it was today. It has always to be today. No other choice. Wouldn't it be funny if it were tomorrow at some point. Would certainly make choosing weather appropriate clothes a bit easier. Ah well. No such chance. Not in this dimension, any rate. Got some good sunset shots (back with the Wide lens...). This one I cropped rather severely.

This one, too, but I like the way the clouds came out.

And a Tele shot of bright sun and a tree.

Day 6 (279): 12th of September
Largely soggy weather this week broke into a gorgeous morning. As I loafed in bed reading, I looked out the window and had to capture the cake-decoration looking cloud sitting on the horizon. Still think I've not solved the wide lens, but no matter; there's plenty of time for that. Also, when I was uploading these at the NEX (power outage broke my internet again), I heard some woman wearing an odd white wig beckon her son with the name "Atreyu." Ahhh, the people of My Generation. What can one say.

Another of the same cloud. Such crazy morning colours.

Day 7 (280): 13th of September
On the way to Madrid today (got another class to teach) despite Air France's best efforts. Means I'm missing out on a Backer-only screening of Wish I Was Here with a follow on Q&A, all in Rome (which they kept saying would be in October/November). Also means airports, so to keep things simpler still, here is a look at the lenses that have been doing all the work this week. First, the ever reliable Tele.

And the Wide. These guys are going to give me some fun.

So here we end this week's installment of Most Boring Girl on the Internet. Hope you had fun and we'll see you again next week, this time with some photos of Madrid. Might possibly be a little more interesting. 

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